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With the acceleration of the process of global economic integration and the arrival of the new economy, everyone's consumption level and consumption concept have also changed. With the development of the new economy, the essence of the new economy is the service economy. The supply of tangible goods for sensory enjoyment can no longer satisfy consumers' appetite, but the value of service. The arrival of the new economy means that door and window brand companies are transitioning from production-oriented companies to service-oriented companies

quality assurance is still the main theme of career development

although the service economy accounts for the majority of the current economic structure, quality doubt is still the main theme of the company's development. Because the door and window profession has low entry threshold, severe homogenization and other particularity, it also makes the interior of the door and window profession mixed. From a small workshop with a few people to a brand company with hundreds of people, the level is uneven, and there are no constraints of relevant standards, so that the internal quality of the profession is repeatedly prohibited. Whether small workshops or big brands, strict quality control is the basic element of the company's livelihood. Without quality, there is no future

the after-sales service of dealers needs to be improved

according to relevant materials, the first is the quality, and the second is the service attitude of merchants. In the service-oriented economy, consumers' demand for service is getting higher and higher. When buying goods, they pay more attention to the service attitude of businesses. With the development of the door and window industry becoming more sophisticated, after-sales service has become the top priority of the strategic goal. In recent years, the complaints and doubts of the door and window brand companies have increased, and the existing criticisms have also surfaced, which once again makes the door and window industry realize the importance of "service" to the company and even to all occupations. The company pays more attention to after-sales service, but usually ignores the relevant requests for dealer service

Guanhao doors and windows believes that the dealers, as the partners of the company, are not only the helpers of the company's sales progress, but also the spokesmen of the company's image. The depiction and cultivation of the central values are not only about the company, but also about the service concepts, methods and practices of the dealers, which should be uniformly cultivated and guided by standards, so that the company and dealers can cooperate perfectly, so as to achieve the company's foothold in the fierce competition in the door and window shopping malls, Achieve the company's promotion goals

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