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With the new demand of the new generation for quality of life and the transformation of traditional household consumption concept, the kitchen electrical industry is transforming from product innovation driven to user experience driven. The core of consumer demand is no longer a single range hood, gas stove and other specific products, but a healthy, environmental friendly and tasteful kitchen environment. Driven by this demand, the focus of competition in the kitchen electrical industry is no longer a simple single indicator of technology, performance, appearance, etc., but a comprehensive experience of consumers in the process of use. As a pilot in the kitchen electrical industry, Cohen appliances has long been dissatisfied with just staying at the level of "making products", but to lead and create a lifestyle that conforms to the trend of the times for users and realize the quality life dream of the majority of users

in recent years, in order to focus more on meeting higher consumer demand, Cohen Electric has built a new high-end standard in the field of kitchen appliances: introducing international intelligent production workshops, rebuilding and building the industry's first fully equipped national experimental technology research and development center, developing and designing a number of patented products, triggering a rush to buy in the market, and comprehensively leading the industry in technology, design, quality and service, It has won the favor of consumers all over the country. Recently, with the strong enterprise strength and product innovation ability accumulated over the years, and guaranteed by the invention patents that are several times the total number of leading industries and the craftsman spirit of excellence, Cohen Electric has launched a number of new products of range hoods, gas stoves, disinfection cabinets and water heaters, injecting new vitality into the entire kitchen electrical industry and driving the consumption upgrading of the entire kitchen electrical market

since Cohen electric created the first concept cigarette machine in 2009, the R & D and manufacturing of the whole series of products have always been based on market demand and user experience. The new range hood 9015 launched this time continues the characteristics of the nine series cigarette machine 9011, such as high suction and ultra quiet. The new upgrade adopts DC motor, introduces the concept of frequency conversion into the side smoking machine, and smoking is more efficient and smoke exhaust is more thorough: the new launch of tower machine t57, The disruptive screen crimping process will lead the industry's technological upgrading: the new gas stove "small steel gun" kn57 was born with a thermal efficiency of 67%, far exceeding the national first-class energy efficiency: kn86 adopts 8mm black crystal glass panel, high temperature resistance of 500 ℃, ultra safe three-layer explosion-proof: kn75 is equipped with a high temperature resistant fully covered integrated stove frame, precision cast full copper fire cover, four channel independent injection, full firepower, etc., and a number of disinfection cabinets and new water heaters are listed together. Meet users' diverse consumption needs and enjoy a one-stop consumption experience

Yu Feng, chairman of Cohen appliances: "Cohen has the ability, responsibility and obligation to self evolve and lead the evolution of the whole industry, and this evolution is essentially a kind of" ability to update their own capabilities ", that is, the ability to" constantly refresh goals ". It is precisely because Cohen appliance has always adhered to such a business philosophy that it can finally win the trust of consumers and market opportunities. Industry insiders pointed out that Cohen has not only changed users' values of kitchen appliances and led consumers into a new quality stage, but also will further promote the double upgrading of kitchen appliances and the industry. On the one hand, kitchen appliances will jump out of a single performance index and gradually change to intellectualization and humanization. On the other hand, around the new values of health, environmental protection and taste, the kitchen appliance industry will also set off a new round of competition, and Cohen has been at the forefront of the industry, leading the healthy development of China's kitchen appliance industry





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