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New methods and technologies to improve paper performance

the competition of paper manufacturing in building an aluminum based new material industrial base in the north of fan Huai in the world is becoming more and more intense and complex. To survive in this complex environment, enterprises must work hard to improve quality, reduce waste, increase output and other links, so as to make the production and operation process of enterprises more effective. The following is a brief introduction to some new methods and technologies that can improve the paper feeding performance

the current situation is that many enterprises spend a lot of energy on storing and saving fibers, including using lighter materials, using paper with higher ash content, and using recycled fibers in large quantities. Although this saves materials, it affects the paper walking property of the web, which reduces the quality of the produced paper. At the same time, to improve the chemical stability of the optical glass surface, paper makers must speed up the machine operation speed in order to keep these papers in a normal state in the production process. In the production of such paper, there is no gap between the machine and the paper, which makes the dryer unable to work normally. To deal with such high tensile testing machine material testing machine sensitive cardboard, we need a better roller, but also to accurately control the pressure of the paper

in recent years, through the use of consistency pressing, an innovative design has been invented, which is the alternating paper quantitative pressing. By changing the consistency to control the paper quantity, the blade can maintain consistency in the turning machine. When the knife edge is parallel to the baffle, the injection speed will change, resulting in uncoordinated fiber orientation. Both pressing and cutting edges should pass through the transverse incision of the machine. The weight control is easy to wear, and it does not depend on the control of fiber angle. One of the main advantages of consistency molding is that the running speed of the paper machine can ensure the quality of printing. The consistency molding makes the machine cold start, gear number conversion and shutdown time less than other technologies. The final effect of using this technology is to save a lot of costs and greatly improve the quality of products

ENP technology is a major technological breakthrough in the paper routing of web paper. This technology was first used in the production of linear paperboard and corrugated paper. The increased extrusion force of this technology increases the dryness of the paper. For this reason, it has become the technical standard of the paperboard industry. The operating speed of some ENP technologies can reach 1500kn/m. Now ENP technology has been widely used in the identification of paper industry level. A large number of experiments show that the dryness of paperboard can reach the level of 6 points under the condition of ENP technology. Because of these advantages, ENP technology is a powerful auxiliary tool in the production of fine paper and paperboard

pulp is also a very important factor in ensuring the paper walking performance. Now, the fully automatic system has been used to detect the consistency, freeness, average fiber length, fiber length distribution, curl and roughness of pulp. In addition, it can also detect brightness, color and luminosity

rrs micropos is the latest equipment to control the pressure of the imprint line. This control equipment can monitor the hardness and pressure of products, which ensures the quality of products to the greatest extent. Because it can quickly determine the location and cause of paper breakage, this digital system is now widely used in paper mills, which can solve the problem of paper breakage to the greatest extent

At present, Minolta company has launched a cm-3630 spectrophotometer, which can detect color, brightness and fluorescence in time. ABB has invented three new profiling tool machines, one is dilution tool machine, one is weight profiling tool machine, and the other is blade profiling tool machine. These new profiling tools can quickly detect the changes of paper weight and coating weight, so as to improve the product quality

NDC has released a detection system that can detect dry humidity for paper machines, thereby maximizing product productivity. The latest invention is a new monitoring tool, which can provide faster and more valuable data and give early warning of potential quality problems, so as to keep the machine in a fast working state. This monitoring tool is mainly used in paper machines. Using this tool can maximize the paper feeding performance

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