Cause analysis of the hottest fire and explosion a

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Cause analysis of fire and explosion accidents

various fire and explosion accidents during storage, transportation, production and processing have their inevitable causes. A storage and transportation or production and processing system composed of human, machine, equipment and material environment, from normal working state to fire and explosion, has the development process from basic cause, indirect cause and direct cause to accident state, and even to disaster state

(I) basic causes

basic causes can be considered as the most primitive and basic causes of accidents and disasters. The reasons can be summarized into the following four aspects:

1. Reasons for management

reasons for management include incompetence of managers; The management system is not suitable; Various rules and regulations are not perfect; Improper personnel management and arrangement, weak technical force, etc

2. The reasons for basic education

the reasons for basic education are compulsory education; Industrial Education (enterprise system education, professional ethics education); The cultivation of education; Social education, etc

3. Social reasons

social reasons include the construction of laws and norms; Administrative management system; Social atmosphere; National guidelines, policies, etc

4. Historical reasons

historical reasons include the historical evolution of enterprises; Transformation and innovation of enterprises; The historical situation of the personnel composition and technical force of the enterprise; The inherent condition of the enterprise, etc

(II) indirect reasons

the growth prospect of dosage is promising. Indirect reasons can be considered as the reasons induced by basic reasons. It can be summarized into the following six aspects:

1. Technical reasons

technical reasons include insufficient research on safety technology in the design stage; Wrong process design, wrong equipment calculation, improper material selection and structural design, etc; Lack of understanding of chemical process, when did the fire extinguishing facilities be designed improperly; Improper planning and design of factories, warehouses, etc; The arrangement of the device does not meet the requirements of the fire prevention code; The quality of installation, manufacturing and maintenance does not meet the requirements; The operating procedures are incorrect or incomplete; There is no reliable guarantee for inspection and preservation

2. Principle of management

the reasons for management are poor operation management (such as unclear division of labor, improper personnel allocation, poor supervision and inspection before driving, wrong orders, lax operation control, etc.); The project management is not strict (such as the engineering design review is not detailed, there are omissions, lack of process analysis, lack of investigation and Research on the environment of the device, etc.); The supervision and implementation of laws and regulations are not strict, and the measures are not effective enough

3. Reasons for education

the reasons for education include the lack of fire safety thought and technical education; Despise or misunderstand fire laws and regulations; Insufficient business and technical training, bad habits, and poor experience; Insufficient experience or unfamiliar technology; Be good at asserting, lack of organizational discipline, etc

4. Physical reasons

diseases due to physical reasons; Avoid surface adhesion for myopia, deafness and other disabilities; Fatigue; Drunkenness and insufficient sleep; Physical strength is incompatible with the post, etc

5. Mental reasons

mental reasons are too fast and too slow, which indicates that the machine is abnormal; Trance and abnormal attitude; Lack of consciousness; Lack of intelligence; Contempt for safety, loss of vigilance

, etc

6. Reasons for living environment

reasons for living environment include family environment; The relationship between people in the enterprise; Social environment, etc

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