The hottest new method of tea packaging

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As a natural health drink, tea has become increasingly popular in the international market in recent years. As one of the important means of competition and promotion, the packaging of tea has also been improved and updated. In the past, both famous tea and ordinary tea were mostly packed in bags and iron boxes. Now the major tea exporting countries (especially the countries with the export of famous tea increasing with the number of cars) and consumer countries have successively introduced new tea packaging such as wooden boxes and ceramic pots in these product combinations. Most of these new packages are simple and natural, which can make people feel cordial and nostalgic, and complement each other with tea, a natural beverage. Therefore, although these packaging costs are high, many companies are willing to adopt them. Some of the emerging small companies hope to increase the popularity of the enterprise in order to occupy a place in the market, while other famous brand tea companies with strong financial resources use it to develop new markets

it should be pointed out that some countries have used new tea packaging, which has not accounted for a large proportion in the whole tea packaging so far. It is only used in the main high-quality tea packaging, such as Darjeeling tea in India, special color tea processed and sold in the United States and Western European countries, delicious tea, etc. Wooden box packaging is widely used in the above-mentioned new packaging, but the main disadvantage of wooden box is poor sealing effect, which is not conducive to the long-term preservation of tea. Therefore, some companies use random cardboard boxes with their polymers to replace wooden boxes in order to reduce costs; Another kind of new packaged ceramic tea pot, which includes both pottery and porcelain, is exquisitely made and colorful. However, because ceramic cans are easy to break, their appearance often needs to be wrapped in wooden boxes or cartons, resulting in higher packaging costs

in order to make up for and overcome the shortcomings of wood box and ceramic can packaging, some tea companies are trying to find solutions. For example, tin foil is used on the inner package of the wooden box to ensure sealing as much as possible; The ceramic cans are coated with non polluting degradable plastic, which not only ensures the appearance, but also avoids the influence of external light, temperature and humidity on the color, aroma and taste of tea, such as ordinary carbon structural steel. However, in the long run, the development of universal and practical new tea packaging still needs continuous efforts

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