Cause analysis of the most match oiler failure

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Cause analysis of diesel engine failure

unable to start

1. There is air in the fuel system, and the fuel transfer pump does not supply oil or supplies oil intermittently

2. The fuel supply advance angle is incorrect

3. Piston ring and cylinder liner are severely worn

4 The battery is dead

5. The starter slips

6. The air filter is blocked

7. The exhaust pipe is blocked

insufficient power and sudden power drop

1 The air filter is blocked

2. The valve clearance is incorrect

3. Insufficient pressure compression

4. Air or blockage in the fuel system

5. Poor atomization of fuel injector

6. The diesel engine is overheated

7. The exhaust pipe is blocked

abnormal noise during operation

1 The injection time is too early, and a rhythmic crisp metal knocking sound is emitted

2. The fuel injection time is too late, making a low and unclear sound

3. When the piston touches the valve, a metal knocking sound is heard near the cylinder head at low speed

4. The clearance between crankshaft and connecting rod bush is too large

5. The clearance between the crankshaft and the worn crankshaft bearing bush for a long time is too large

blue face

1 String the engine oil and install the piston ring reversely Stuck or excessively worn

2. The clearance between valve and guide is too large

white smoke

1 The atomization quality of the fuel injector is poor, and there is dripping and leakage

2. There is too much water in the fuel

3. There is water in the cylinder

black smoke

1 The diesel engine is overloaded

2. Excessive fuel injection

3. Oil supply is too late

4. The valve clearance is incorrect or the valve seal is not good

5. The air filter is blocked

insufficient oil pressure

1 The oil pressure gauge is damaged

2. There is too little oil in the oil pan

3. The engine oil is too thin

the engine oil temperature is too high

1 The diesel engine is overloaded

2. Insufficient or excessive oil

3. The piston ring leaks seriously

the outlet temperature of cooling water is too high

1 The water temperature gauge or sensing plug is damaged

2. Insufficient cooling water

3 The flow of water pump is small

4. The diesel engine is blocked internally

5. The heat dissipation effect of radiator is poor

6. The diesel engine is overloaded

no oil supply

1 Fuel transfer pump failure

2. Diesel filter or oil circuit is blocked

3. There is air in the oil supply line

suddenly stop automatically

1 The crankshaft is locked with the bearing bush

2. The piston is locked with the cylinder liner

3. Air enters the fuel system

4. Fuel system 3. Each team must maintain all kinds of machinery according to the mechanical maintenance procedures and types, and enter the air

5. The air filter is blocked

generator does not generate electricity

1 Whether there are carbon brushes

2. The diesel engine cannot reach the speed

the first step is to add engine oil to reach the scale of the dipstick. (less cylinder reversing, more chemical tiles. Oil leakage.)

add water and top up. Start up and run for 3 minutes to see the water. If you are dissatisfied, add it again. (less cylinder)

battery, 24V. The positive pole is connected to the starter and the negative pole is connected. Diesel, remove air

second, start the new car and idle for minutes, which is conducive to the distribution of oil to each hole, the lubrication system is guaranteed, and the wear to the machine is small. Look at the oil pressure gauge. It is not allowed to start the machine without pressure. Find out the cause and eliminate the cause

slowly speed up to 30Hz, about 900 revolutions, idle for 20 minutes. Add to 50Hz, 1500 rpm, idle for 20 minutes

step 3: after the running in of the new car is completed, the speed should reach Hz, increase the load, drive the load, Hz will drop, Hz should reach 50Hz, 50Hz is the standard 1500 turns, and the drive load is 50Hz

the maximum value of the ammeter should be 90a, the diesel engine is 56kw, and the motor is 50KW. Turn off the oil return valve, and the maximum value should not exceed 90a. If the motor is burned up, no three guarantees will be given

the load of diesel engine should be%80, and the maximum load will cause great wear to the machine

the third step is to pull the load. Always look at the water gauge, oil gauge and oil pressure gauge. The water can reach 95 ° at most, and the oil gauge can reach 105 ° at most. The oil pressure gauge cannot be lower than 0.2

step 4: when stopping, you must first turn off the brake that sends out the load. You can't turn off the accelerator directly, turn off the load. The speed should slowly decline, the temperature should drop, 1000 rpm, 40Hz, stop for 5 minutes, idle for 10 minutes, and then stop

with load, running at high speed and parking, the car may explode, the temperature of the car is high, the water cannot be cooled in time, the oil cannot be lubricated, and the cylinder bursts. No warranty

step 5: drain water in winter after parking. If you don't release water, the water will freeze and break the body, and there is no warranty

step 6: check the oil and water before driving


when the diesel generator set has worked for 1000 hours, the engine oil, engine oil filter element, fine filter element, diesel filter element and air filter element should be changed

the maintenance is good for the machine. The impurities in the filter element can be eliminated in time, and the service life of the machine is long

diesel engine running in specification

diesel engine running in time shall not be less than 60 hours, running in load The following specifications are adopted for time

diesel engine running time under load

idle speed for 10 minutes

25%2 hours

50%15 hours

75%30 hours

100%15 hours

check the lubricating oil pressure, whether the diesel engine has noise, etc

during the running in of the diesel engine, the throttle is at the full open position, and the load value can be estimated according to the load worn, but the principle of gradually loading from a small load must be mastered. (end)

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