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As a new market-oriented energy-saving mechanism, contract energy management has been fully interpreted in Shanghai. On the morning of April 20, the Shanghai energy contract management future earnings pledge 10 billion green financing bank enterprise docking activity was held at the Shanghai Energy Efficiency Center, which is the first innovative mode in China to pledge the future earnings of energy contract management for financing. Zhou Bo, vice mayor of Shanghai, and Xu Yibo, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government attended the public welfare activity of 5. Manual hydraulic universal material testing machine

at the docking event site, Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic information technology signed 10 billion credit cooperation memoranda with 13 banks, and 10 banks signed loan agreements for contract energy management projects with energy-saving service companies; Bank of Shanghai signed an energy efficiency credit contract with the International Finance Corporation (ICF). Shanghai Energy Conservation Service Industry Association and Shanghai contracted energy management credit evaluation and financing service platform were established at the same time

according to the relevant responsible comrades of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic information technology, contract energy management is a service mechanism widely implemented in developed countries that uses market means to promote energy conservation. Since the introduction of contract energy management mechanism in 2002, Shanghai has actively learned from international advanced experience and combined with Shanghai's characteristics. Through introduction, exploration, support and cultivation, the energy-saving service industry has developed rapidly. At present, 285 energy-saving service companies have been registered, and more than 1300 contracted energy management projects have been implemented in total, saving more than 600000 tons of standard coal and realizing an output value of 6billion yuan

it is understood that since the introduction of the contract energy management mechanism in 1998, China has generally encountered the phenomenon of whether it is popular or not, which is rooted in the fact that it still faces three major bottleneck obstacles: financing difficulties, difficult to find projects, and imperfect credit evaluation system. This activity has far-reaching significance for breaking through the obstacles of industrial development

it is the first time to launch green credit with pledge of future usufruct of contract energy management on a large scale in China. After the active coordination of relevant units, 13 banks, including Bank of China Shanghai branch and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, used for compaction and film inspection, solemnly promised to provide a total of 13billion yuan of green credit for contract energy management projects in the form of future usufruct pledge during the 12th Five Year Plan period according to the characteristics of contract energy management projects. The 12 banks also launched 10 innovative financing models and financial products. The pledge of future beneficial rights indirectly realizes the credit enhancement of energy-saving service enterprises and provides a convenient channel for enterprises to obtain loans. At present, 10 contract energy management companies such as Shanghai Anyue Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. have obtained financing of 237.5 million yuan from 10 banks such as Shanghai Pudong Development Bank

it is the first time to launch an energy-saving service project supermarket in China. 22 industrial groups and 16 districts and counties in Shanghai responded positively, providing more than 200 potential energy-saving projects for this event. Let the energy-saving service companies, third-party audit institutions and energy-saving equipment manufacturers that have been registered in Shanghai participate in the project docking activities, negotiate with energy users on site, and promote the implementation of energy-saving projects. In the future, a docking platform for normalized projects will be built to continue to promote the implementation of contracted energy management projects

it is the first time to establish a credit evaluation system for all parties of contract energy management in the field of domestic energy conservation. In 2009, the relevant personnel of chemical manufacturers often used figures to quantitatively introduce the characteristics of materials and physical properties of companies. On the basis of establishing pilot credit reports in the chemical industry, they further established credit reports of energy-saving service companies, energy users, financial institutions and third-party audit institutions to provide comprehensive and full credit evaluation for Shanghai contracted energy management projects

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