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New mileage, Liugong technology business incubator unveiled

new mileage, Liugong technology business incubator unveiled

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on September 18, Liugong technology business incubator was officially unveiled, opening the prelude to Liugong's innovation and entrepreneurship. Guan Weirong, director of Liuzhou science and Technology Bureau, Jin Yu, deputy director of the Management Committee of the northern ecological new area, Huang Haibo, President of Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., Luo Wei, assistant president, and heads of major incubators in Liuzhou attended the unveiling ceremony

Liugong science and technology business incubator is located in Liugong science and Technology Park and Liugong International Industrial Park. It adopts a distributed incubation space model, including Liugong maker space and Northern incubator. The incubation area is nearly 6000 square meters, including 3000 square meters of incubation offices and workshops, which provide a good incubation space for incubated enterprises, and provide services for entrepreneurial projects from the aspects of supply chain, technology research and development, market, operation and management Financial and intellectual support

more people will be injured or killed in this accident. At the ceremony, Guan Weirong fully affirmed Liu Gong's spirit and quality of adhering to technological innovation for 62 years. He said that the construction of Liugong science and technology business incubator is an important part of Liugong's innovation and entrepreneurship development, and plays a positive role in promoting the integration and innovative development of large, medium and small enterprises and the construction machinery industry, as well as the research, application, incubation and cultivation of construction machinery technology. At the same time, it provides new impetus for the large-scale development of Liuzhou Construction Machinery Industry and the rapid creation of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the construction machinery industry

Liugong technology business incubator closely relies on the resources of Liugong group and focuses on the future strategic focus of large enterprises. It adopts two entrepreneurial modes of internal and external innovation to carry out incubation services. At the same time, facing the ecological chain of construction machinery industry, we should build a professional incubator of industrial chain with direct investment as the lever

What are the structure and operation methods of positive concrete pressure testing machine on February 19, 2019? Tengzhi investment company, which is put into operation, is the first project of Liugong group's innovation incubation. It is directly invested by Liugong and is fully responsible for the innovation incubation business of Liugong group, focusing on the incubation of construction machinery and its upstream and downstream value chains, industrial interconnection, intelligent manufacturing, core parts, new materials, new energy After sales support and customer relations and other related industries, and cultivate scientific and technological innovation enterprises

"Liugong technology business incubator is a powerful measure for Liugong to promote scientific and technological innovation, give full play to the advantages of scientific and technological innovation, and attract and gather scientific and technological entrepreneurial talents. It lays a solid foundation for Liugong to realize the innovation driven development strategy, and adds new impetus to the high-quality development of Liuzhou industry." Huang Haibo said

at the ceremony, excellent award-winning projects such as the first prize of Liugong's first innovation and entrepreneurship competition "small and medium-sized enterprise simulation cloud platform" carried out the project Road 2. The existence value of spring fatigue testing machine. The first batch of enterprise representatives and internal innovation project representatives of Liugong technology business incubator held a signing ceremony

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