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Xinmin sun exhibited a number of printing machines

19, which affected the accuracy of spring testing machines. In 1995, Shanghai Xinmin sun Machinery Co., Ltd. was established, inheriting the advanced design and excellent technology of Japan sun, and has been committed to the development and application of special printing machines. So far, we have developed and produced more than 10 series of commercial form rotary printers such as TOF, SNF, MRO F, etc., as well as TLC, TCF, TLSs series of satellite self-adhesive label rotary printers and tijp inkjet printers

t L c- "250 satellite relief rotary printing machine can realize maximum 14 color printing, two-sided printing, rubber surface printing, flexographic printing and rotary wire printing through the combination of central pressing cylinder and unit printing department. It meets the needs of injection molding generation of nano cellulose PLA (polylactic acid) composite materials for knives, forks, spoons and other products with high quality, short delivery time and low cost. It is a high-performance model with speed and precision. Zhiyuan, Zhijing, Zhixin, and Zhishan are the entrepreneurial ideas that sun people have always followed.

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