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New mode of beverage packaging: combined portable packaging

cluster packaging makes canned beverages a kind of good and cheap, convenient to carry goods, but the cluster packaging specification of canned beverages on the market is mostly 12 or 24 in a group, and consumers have to buy 12 at least once, which is too much for a family of three

the natural coconut juice of Hainan coconut group adopts four bundled packages, which breaks the barrier of traditional beverage bundled packaging and gives consumers more choices. The bundled packaging method of natural coconut juice of coconut tree group is to cut out a round hole that matches the tank body according to the size of the product tank on a piece of PE film, and then put it on the position of the product tank body close to the tank mouth to play a fixed role. At the same time, there are two oval lifting rings on one side of the PE film, which are convenient for consumers to hold when buying. However, the drawback is that because the extraction method of this cluster packaging is on the side of the product, it is easy to cause the center of gravity of the product to be unstable. Coupled with the deviation in the cutting size, the beverage is easy to fall off from the plastic film and fall to the ground. The light one is to throw the can body into shape, and the heavy one is to break, which will bring losses to the consumers and producers who need to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technology transformation

the American "Jianyi tree root magnesium alloy has high shock absorption performance Beer Soda" represented by Beijing Kyoto Lide Food Co., Ltd. has the same packaging as the natural coconut milk packaging of coconut group. The bundled packaging of "Jianyi Shugen beer and soda" can be described as a combination of beauty and practicality, which makes consumers really feel convenient. The package specification is a group of six, and the single film made of PE is to firmly fix the cans of beverages together. Cut two lines in the middle of the PE film to skillfully form two lifting belts. Because the lifting belt is in the middle, it is more convenient for consumers to carry, and it will not be able to calculate the mechanical property parameters of the material through the experimental curve, resulting in the unstable center of gravity and the falling off of the beverage. According to Miss Liu from the Sales Department of Beijing Kyoto Lide Food Co., Ltd., the bundled packaging of "Jianyi Shugen Beer Soda" is designed by an American company

how to make the cluster packaging of plastic bottles more distinctive? The cluster packaging of 380ml sunkis grapefruit juice soda provides us with a good solution

the bunched packaging specification of sunkish soda is three in a group, and three plastic rings are used to block three bottles of drinks. During Chinaplas 2017, there are jagged protrusions in each ring, which are stuck at the bottleneck for fixation. The plastic sheet is equipped with a handle, which is convenient for consumers to carry. The bright orange color of the plastic sheet echoes with the yellow bottle of sunkish soda, which has a good shelf display effect. It is understood that this is a promotional package for buying two and getting one free of sunkish soda. This packaging design can be described as a perfect combination of promotional goods and brand publicity

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