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New method for recycling composite materials in Brazil

recently, eight researchers from the Institute of technology in Parana, Brazil, jointly developed a new method for recycling composite packaging materials, and have filed a patent application

the reinforced packaging made of paper, plastic and aluminum foil is increasingly used in the packaging of food and drugs. Although reinforced packaging materials have the characteristics of corrosion resistance and strong freshness preservation, their recycling has become a headache due to the structural characteristics of this kind of packaging, and their number in landfills is increasing day by day. The new separation technology adopted by researchers makes it possible to strengthen the classification and recycling of packaging materials

they use a special chemical solvent to ensure that the electrical equipment of the 6.4 experimental machine should: recycle the three components in the packaging. After immersing the reinforced packaging bag in this solvent for two and a half minutes, the plastic, aluminum and paper in the packaging material will be layered. Then, these three layers of components are separated manually, and the residual solvent is removed under high pressure, so the three substances can be easily classified and recycled. This solvent is quite effective for paper, PVC plastic or polyethylene. This technology is not only suitable for the packaging of recycled milk and fruit juice, but also for thinner packaging such as salt, vacuum coffee and eggs

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