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The new mobile payment standard is expected to be applied in Shanghai within this year. UnionPay, bank and the three major communication operators have jointly formulated it, and commercial tests have been completed

although the third-party payment license has not yet been issued, the mobile payment standard is expected to be launched quickly

chaihongfeng, director and executive vice president of China UnionPay, revealed at the 2011 Lujiazui forum yesterday that UnionPay is developing a new generation of payment standards with national commercial banks and three major communication operators, including fast money, Alipay, TenPay and other third-party payment enterprises, under the guidance of the people's Bank of China, whose experimental speed is generally lower than that of the people's Bank of China. At present, the commercial test has been completed. According to the established schedule, the application will be fully launched in Shanghai, Chengdu, Sichuan and other cities this year

as for the issue of license issuance, Ouyang Weimin, director of the payment and Settlement Department of the people's Bank of China, who is in charge of non-financial payment enterprises, answered with "love is important, not this marriage certificate". He further said, "as long as it complies with the law, I don't think anyone will do anything that prevents it from being released."

"with the introduction of UnionPay standards, financial industry standards and corresponding national standards, the all-round start of mobile payment can be seen immediately." Chaihongfeng said

Chai Hongfeng pointed out that the new generation of payment standards mainly have three modes: sd-nfc, sim-nfc and all NFC. The first mode is sd-nfc, which mainly uses the SD card in the SD card for payment. The chip embedded in the SD card is equivalent to the U shield of the upper payment, which can be used for remote payment, and the embedded bank card security information can be used for on-site payment close to the POS machine through communication; The second sim-nfc mode is to record financial information in a SIM card; The third kind of all NFC payment refers to that the function of NFC has declined by 43% year-on-year in the future See 51% of the software introduction for details; After excluding exchange losses, the net profit per ton is about 328 yuan (5.2% 2.53%) preset in it

it is understood that the above three modes can realize the functions of short-range payment and remote payment respectively, and the three modes will be introduced to the market synchronously. At present, sd-nfc mode is the mainstream mobile payment mode for a certain period of time, and the full NFC mode will be a development trend. "China has the largest number of users in the world, and everyone changes frequently. The final full NFC mode can make you experience the next stage of payment better."

"as long as we are based on unified standards, we are all partners." Chaihongfeng further revealed that China UnionPay has reached an agreement with China Mobile, Chinatelecom and China Unicom on the standard field of technology under such a background. Sina Technology

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