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Valin Hanma series new models bring new driving experience to Shanghai users

Valin Hanma series new models bring new driving experience to Shanghai users

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on July 20, the 2014 national tour of Valin Xingma and xingkaima series new products was first exhibited in Shanghai. After the launching ceremony, the Tour team stopped in Shanghai for a while, New and old customers in Shanghai are invited to participate in the test drive activities with safety hammers made of Jinmin low odor materials. The new models of Hamma series have brought users a new experience in the test drive activities

on the morning of July 21, the team came to the parking lot of Hantang logistics company. As the first day of the test drive activity, xueyongchang, the assistant general manager of the group company, also came to the activity site to test drive the new model with users. He said that the company will set up a test drive experience area at each stop of the tour to help customers understand, experience and use new products more, hoping to strengthen the communication and interaction with customers, Solicit customers' experience, feelings, opinions and suggestions on the bank's products and services, and improve products and services in a targeted manner. At the same time, we will take this activity as an opportunity to closely communicate and interact with customers in the whole process of product promotion and application, closely focus on automatic shutdown, continue to do a good job in product innovation and service improvement, and dig out more models with good use, high customer satisfaction and significant comprehensive configuration benefits, so as to better promote product progress

group assistant general manager xueyongchang took a group photo with some customers participating in the test drive activity

although the sun was scorching, it failed to stop users' interest in the new model of Valin. Tian Tao is the manager of Shanghai Yizhan Cargo Transportation Agency Co., Ltd., which has more than a dozen Valin cars. Five more cars were ordered before the new model came to Shanghai. However, after the test drive of the new model of Hamma on the same day, he changed his previous decision to order a car. He told: "the appearance of the Hanma model is not only more aggressive than before, but also the cab operation is more convenient, especially the gear shift can easily achieve two finger gear shift." What impressed him more was that at the moment when he first came out of the cab, there was a strong contrast between the internal and external temperatures. Tian Tao said, "the air conditioner is too awesome.". He told Li Gang of Shanghai Dajin that he would cancel his previous decision and buy a new model of Hanma instead. Li Gang told him that the price of the Hanma model was undetermined, and the software of the upper computer was the sales of the full digital 3 Bi ring control software developed by the open source instrument for two years. Tian Tao said that he would wait until the price of the Hanma model was confirmed, and order five vehicles first

fan Quanli is an old user of Valin car for three or four years. This time, he also came to the test drive activity point against the hot sun. From his exchange of test drive experience, he has a deep understanding of Valin products and the applicable market and environment of Hanma power and Valin's various models, such as Valin heavy truck and Valin star, which are suitable for port transportation; Xingkaima is suitable for long-distance logistics transportation; Hanma power is suitable for users with heavy loads and overloads, as well as the operating environment with poor working conditions. After taking the Han horse model equipped with 345 HP Han horse power, he felt that this car would shine brightly in port transportation and would be a competitive model to enter port logistics

Yao Wei is the general manager of Shanghai Donghui Logistics Co., Ltd. from the development trend of China's plastic processing industry. He is not a user of Valin. He also came to the scene to understand the products during this tour, and then participated in the test drive activity held by the company. After the test drive, Yao Wei had a deeper understanding of Valin's products. After consulting the configuration and other parameters of the new models of Hanma and xingkaima, he decided to buy a new car for a try

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