The hottest new micro relay designed in Spain

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Spain designs a new type of micro relay

the total demand for plastic pipes from Jose, a Spanish engineer, will continue to grow. Pumontaya designed a micro relay with a volume of only 1% of that of a conventional relay and a working voltage of only 1% of that of a conventional relay. It can start microchips with the help of MEMS technology

this micro relay can be used in the next generation of mobile microchips. Montagna said, "within three years, there will be 20 different modes and the use of mobile bands. Each terminal system requires hundreds of additional chips, which is not cost-effective. The only solution is to put micro relays into the chip to reduce the volume and voltage of new products based on energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, high-tech content."

3. Demonstration and utilization of marine economy: promote the use of marine engineering high-performance concrete, high-performance corrosive steel, titanium alloy, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant copper alloy, and graphene modified heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating in the construction of green petrochemical base and marine economy demonstration zone

this communication engineer has been able to meet the needs of customers in this research in a timely manner for 6 years, with the purpose of making products more perfect

Montana and the company it founded plan to put micro relay on the market in 2010. Manuel Conde, a market consultant of the company, believes that this product has great market potential and can be widely used in any kind of low-voltage electrical equipment, from PDAs, portable computers to MP4 players. Low price will be the absolute advantage of this new micro relay

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