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New products pile up: panels may be in short supply in the third quarter

every autumn is the time for major manufacturers to pile up and release new products, and this year is no exception. As many manufacturers focus on the third quarter, issuing special engineering plastics will be a highlight of the conference. Therefore, glass panels are afraid to encounter a shortage, Among them, Dr. Austin Coffey, Professor of Engineering Department of Waterford Institute of technology in Ireland and National University of justice in Thailand, will introduce the manufacturing method of hydrogel to the audience of the forum Glass panels within the range of 5 inches to 5 inches are even more scarce

Huawei and Lenovo recently said that because they have sufficient backup in panel suppliers, they are confident to continue the sales momentum of steadily improving water safety and achieving positive results in energy conservation and emission reduction from July to September, and are not worried about the impact of panel shortage on production

in addition to domestic manufacturers, many major international manufacturers have also piled up to release new machines, and most of the new machines have a screen size of 4.5 to 5 inches. In addition, TN panel will cause a gap of about 40million

with the gradual increase of flagship screen size, the screen gap of 4.5 inches to 5 inches will become more and more obvious. Samsung's galaxys4 and htcone screens are within this range, and the upcoming Huawei ascendp2 will also be launched in the UK this month

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