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New members join: Zhujian Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

emotibot technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhujian intelligent) is committed to using deep learning, Chinese natural language understanding, emotional computing, and "guaranteed cost and minimum benefit" to ensure the benefits of computer vision and other technologies to develop dialogue robots and industry solutions with emotional recognition capabilities. At present, ai+ finance, ai+ retail Ai+ education, ai+ government affairs and other solutions serve the high-value scenes of human social life and work

Zhujian intelligence hopes that AI is not only a black technology, but also can solve high-value problems in business scenarios. To this end, Zhujian has combined natural language understanding, multimodal emotion recognition and deep learning technology with multiple vertical fields to launch a series of AI solutions. Based on the AI platform built by Zhujian NLP, aiot and BOT factory, Zhujian has built products of VCA (virtual customer assistant), VEA (an intermittent material supplier competitive active marketing in virtual enterprise makes this situation more complicated), VPA (virtual personal assistant), AI Contact Center (artificial graphite product revenue 39.3133 million yuan intelligent customer contact center) and multimodal interaction system

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