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With the continuous progress of society, people's aesthetic consciousness is also constantly improving. Healthy and environmental friendly furniture materials are widely used in our daily life. Plywood is made of different kinds of thin wood materials pasted and pressed at high temperature. Plywood can save a lot of wood in the production process. In the case of increasing lack of forest resources, plywood is undoubtedly an environmentally friendly choice

plywood, the most common kind of plywood, is made by gluing three layers of thin boards together in different texture directions. Plywood is made of three layers of wood veneers of different materials. Plywood has been used in China since 1910. It is mainly used as household decoration materials, mostly with three layers. Here are the top ten brands and purchasing skills of plywood collected by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

top ten brands of plywood:

1. Bunny (once won China's famous brand, a landmark brand in the plywood industry, an influential comprehensive service provider of interior decoration materials, Dehua Bunny decoration new material Co., Ltd.)

2. Moganshan (once won China's famous brand, a national high-tech enterprise, one of the most influential environmental protection decorative material manufacturers, Zhejiang Shenghua Yunfeng New Material Co., Ltd.)

3 Millennium boat (Zhejiang famous trademark, Zhejiang famous brand, leader of China's healthy home building materials, key leading enterprise of forestry in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Huahai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

4. Dawangye (the largest woodworking board and ecological board manufacturer in China, national standard drafting unit, leader of home decoration materials industry, Hangzhou dawangye Holding Group Co., Ltd.)

5 Fuxiang (once won the Chinese famous brand, the key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program, the largest wood panel production enterprise in central and southern China, Hunan Fuxiang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

6, jinluli (Shandong famous trademark, the first batch of leading forestry enterprises in Shandong Province, enterprises mainly based on wood-based panels and steel, Shandong top 100 private enterprises, Luli Group Co., Ltd.)

7 Weiye (a large wood products enterprise specializing in the production of environmental friendly plywood, the top ten Blockboard brands, Guangdong famous brand, Guangzhou famous trademark, Guangzhou Weizheng Wood Products Co., Ltd.)

8, Fuqing (Jiangsu famous trademark, Jiangsu famous brand product, China's leading brand in the ecological household board industry, a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, Jiangsu Fuqing Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

9 Xinli (Hebei famous trademark, well-known plywood/plywood brand, national forestry key leading enterprise, leader in environmental protection board industry, Langfang Sanli Wood Industry Co., Ltd.)

10 Forest Star (an enterprise committed to the manufacturing and sales of ecological household wood products, a key forestry leading enterprise in Zhejiang Province, a large plate supplier, and Nanxing Household Technology (Huzhou) Co., Ltd.)

purchasing skills of plywood:

due to the emergence of many plywood boards of different brands, materials, and types in the market, consumers must pay great attention to their selection. When purchasing plywood, there are both sides, When selecting, pay attention to check whether the wood grain of the plywood is clear. The front of the plywood with good quality is smooth and smooth without roughness and sluggish feel. The surface of the plywood is free of damage, hard injury, bruise, scar and other defects, and the cutting surface is free of degumming. Some plywood are made by pasting two veneers with different lines. When selecting, pay attention to the tightness of the plywood seams

prospects of plywood Market:

with China's rapid economic growth, it has become a strong driving force to promote the demand of plywood market. Due to the influx of a large number of fast-growing and high-yield forest timber in North China, East China and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River into the market, coupled with the continuous replenishment of foreign high-quality broad-leaved timber, it has provided rich raw materials for the continuous development and expansion of China's plywood industry and China's sufficient human resources, It is also an important aspect of the continuous development of the plywood market. Due to the continuous improvement of technology, the cost of plywood is continuously reduced, which makes plywood have great advantages in the fierce market competition

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