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In home decoration, how to choose a safe and environmentally friendly coating is particularly important

the World Health Organization has issued a statement saying that paint is the cause of lead poisoning in children " Main trigger point "e;, And called for avoiding the use of lead-containing paint to protect children from lead poisoning. Therefore, in home decoration, how to choose a safe and environmentally friendly paint is particularly important

four steps to choose environmentally friendly coatings:

look: most dealers in formal channels use the method of opening the cover for sales. Please open the paint bucket. The surface of high-quality paint is usually free of floating objects. Pick up the paint with a stirring rod. If you can clearly see the thick connection, instead of dripping, it is high-quality paint

smell: smell the paint. Most non environmental friendly coatings have pungent smell due to the high content of VOC, formaldehyde and other harmful substances. The paint that smells very fragrant is added with essence. The additive itself is a chemical product, which is difficult to ensure environmental protection. Therefore, such products should also be purchased with caution

ask: ask the dealer about the coating times and the coating area per liter. Not deceived by the unit price of products. The solid content of high-quality coatings is 90%. The coating rate of low-cost coatings is low, and the paint consumption is particularly large. Calculated, the price is more expensive, and the effect is poor, and the cost performance is extremely low

quality inspection report: carefully check the quality inspection report of the product, and don't forget to check the content of VOC (volatile organic compounds), TDI, etc. in the product inspection report. How about the environmental performance? It still needs scientific data to speak.

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