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In the next 3 to 5 years, etray will comprehensively optimize the brand; We will do brand-new training and sublimation for production enterprises; Support for dealers should be increased

home hotline: Hello, everyone, this is the interview brought by Huiya media home hotline to you at the 2014 Guangzhou Construction Expo. Now we are interviewing president Wang of etray wardrobe. Hello, Mr. Wang. Please introduce the basic information of the company's exhibition to us

president Wang: Guangzhou Construction Expo is the largest building materials exhibition in Asia. As a wardrobe customization enterprise, it also contributes to the industry and gives enterprises and investors more choice opportunities

Wang Jiangtao, marketing director of Guangzhou cabinet Family Furniture Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: what services and sections have the participating companies prepared this time

president Wang: first, from the perspective of products, we will take out our own original leisure and free style products, including bookcases, TV cabinets, wardrobe, etc., which are popular among the post-80s and post-90s generation. This time, we are more about giving support to franchisees and realizing zero risk. One activity can bring back 80%-100% of the cost; The second is nanny style. One team serves one dealer. We will help him establish the business model, structure and performance planning, and copy our set of models to him; Third, we designed all the franchised stores for him. This is the o2o model, the CM system, which changes the original model system. First, for consumers, you can directly go to all templates in our o2o experience, and you can freely quote, design your own style, and import your own products according to your own house type; Second, for shopping guides and store managers, we can observe the situation of the whole consumer entering the store; Third, for franchisees, franchisees can see all the status and sales amount of the store through the platform

home hotline: just mentioned the o2o model, many enterprises are developing on it. What are the advantages and characteristics of the company in this regard

president Wang: mainly: first, consumers can really realize 3D experience on it; Second, the enterprise itself can manage our stores and markets on it, which is also our only platform for consumers and dealers; Third, our store salesperson can know at a glance how many people enter our platform and how many people? Which community? How much is the sales amount? You can see clearly and know where the customer is going, whether they are experiencing or designing

home hotline: what is the market layout of the company

president Wang: there are more than 400 sites and more than 300 cities across the country. If the production scale is, our headquarters has 30000 to 40000 square meters, and Guangxi has more than 200000 square meters

home hotline: what are the policies and requirements for investment promotion

president Wang: for this time, it is mainly zero risk. Dealers and investors can get back the cost by investing in one activity, which is the greatest support

home hotline: the trend of big home in the industry is obvious. What is the company's view on this

president Wang: two views. 1、 The concept of big home is good. We must do it according to the development stage of the enterprise. We can't eat everything. We should choose our most advantageous industry, thoroughly understand it, and then do the second module. I think we should satisfy dealers and investors before developing the second and third modules; 2、 Many enterprises in the industry have begun to expand their home furnishings after tens of millions. This is too risky and disrespectful to investors. Focus is the main thing. Every industry is a big cake. If you do it well, it will be a big market

home hotline: what is the company's next development plan

president Wang: in the next three to five years, the brand of the enterprise will be comprehensively optimized; We will do brand-new training and sublimation for production enterprises; Support for dealers should be increased

home hotline: what about the brand

president Wang: in the next three to five years, we may carry out comprehensive packaging of the brand, because we are also a CCTV CCTV2 exhibition brand, and we will put advertisements every Tuesday at noon. This is the big launch of our enterprise in these years, and it is our first step, and then there is the second and third step

home hotline: Thank you, Mr. Wang, for accepting our interview, and I also wish etray wardrobe can be bigger and better

president Wang: Thank you




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