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In order to continue to implement the purpose of "exploring and promoting excellent brands, and promoting the healthy development of the industry", and continue the good trend of the previous two activities, Huiya information and China wallpaper, soft decoration and other fine branches were jointly carried out in September 2012

this activity aims to "go deep into channel terminals and find advantageous brands", and discover excellent brands by conducting a large survey of nearly 100000 dealers nationwide and participating in voting. Dealers can vote on the Internet to support their excellent brands. Recently, the paper fashion aesthetic brand has been successfully named "2012-2013 'the third national household industry dealer survey and the selection of excellent brands in the wall (wall) paper industry"

the previous two activities have received enthusiastic responses, and more than a thousand brands participated in the selection.

the development of any industry requires the continuous pioneering and enterprising of enterprises, as well as the leadership of advantageous brands. In the fierce market competition, many enterprises have deeply realized the importance of building core brands, so that the industry can truly develop and enhance the influence of enterprises in the minds of consumers

in order to lead the development of the industry and boost the brand take-off of the home furnishing industry, Huiya media and the China home furnishing hotline launched and organized the "China home furnishing industry dealer survey and excellent brand selection" activity with the principle of "professionalism, science, breadth, fairness and justice" by using the established and increasingly mature manufacturer dealer accurate information platform. With the help of the "big survey" activity, "create advantageous brands, find advantageous brands, and publicize advantageous brands", create competitiveness with advantageous brands, and drive the overall healthy development of the industry

in 2010 and 2011, with the support and assistance of China Construction Association and Beijing Zhongzhuang Huagang construction technology exhibition company (Beijing Construction Expo), the first two major survey activities achieved great success. The activity received extensive attention and active participation from dealers and manufacturers, caused great repercussions in the industry, and achieved good social effects

on this good basis, "2011-2012 'second national household industry dealer survey and excellent brand selection activity" was officially launched in September this year. It is reported that this "big survey" activity will select several awards, such as "national dealers praise brands", "consumers' favorite brands", "excellent suppliers in the industry", "best terminal service brands", "the most growing enterprises", "the most innovative enterprises". At present, thousands of household brands in wallpaper, wardrobe, cabinet, wooden door, soft decoration and other industries have actively participated in the activities, and the candidate brands are still increasing. The organizer has opened up online voting, telephone questionnaires, magazine questionnaires and other survey methods. Dealers, manufacturers and consumers can participate in the activities through relevant channels. The questionnaire and voting will continue until February 2013 to ensure a wide range of surveys and a large number of surveys. In order to promote the participation enthusiasm of the dealers, the organizing committee has also prepared a wealth of prizes, and the participating dealers will be encouraged by lottery at that time

Photos of award-winning enterprises in the wallpaper industry in 2011

it is reported that from March 7 to 10, 2013, during the 19th China (Beijing) international architectural decoration and Materials Expo, the organizers will hold a grand third "big survey" award ceremony. At that time, dealers across the country will be invited to participate in the award ceremony, and all awards will be announced at the award ceremony

sub industry linkage paper fashion aesthetics Title wallpaper survey

this survey is the same as the previous two sessions, and various sub industries such as wooden doors, wardrobes, cabinets, wallpaper, soft decoration are linked. According to the latest news, this survey was strongly supported by the "paper aesthetics" brand of Shanghai Ouya Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and won the title of the "2012-2013 'third national household industry dealer survey and the selection of excellent brands in the wall (wall) paper industry"

Yu Xiangyou, general manager of paper fashion aesthetics, is very honored to be able to name this household wallpaper industry event. "Enterprises have not known each other well for a long time, and there is no opportunity to understand and discuss experience. This event provides a good opportunity for us to learn and exchange from excellent brands in the industry." Mr. Yu said that the major survey activities played a role of supervision and supervision on the industry and major brands, found deficiencies, learned from each other and made progress, leading the industry to a higher direction; Be able to deeply understand the ideas of dealers and promote better cooperation in the future

it is understood that paper fashion aesthetics is the leader of the first chain brand of wallpaper soft decoration in China. The company adheres to the marketing model of taking the Internet as the media, products as the entity and customers as the orientation, and has successfully settled in many s-network trading platforms such as Taobao, SouFun, and Alibaba. The company has strong technological innovation, rigorous quality management system, perfect after-sales service system and nearly a thousand marketing networks all over the country. President Yu believes that no matter how the times change, building a brand should adhere to two principles: consistent quality and perfect user experience, so that consumers can recognize the quality and service of products; Only manufacturers and dealers jointly uphold this concept, the wallpaper industry can go further and develop better

on the occasion of the official launch of the "2012-2013 'third national home furnishing industry dealer survey and excellent brand selection activity", president Yu sent his best wishes to the event, "this is an industry event, which provides a very good platform for the industry. You can exchange and share experiences with each other and jointly lead the industry to a new height."





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