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Xinhaoxuan doors and windows - narrow side sliding doors turn complexity into simplicity, and pursue simplicity to the extreme. Their appearance presents pure geometric beauty and comfort, which makes a new interpretation of the modern simple style

every time, it is only for the extraordinary you ~

modern simple style creates a fashionable and avant-garde atmosphere with simple visual effects, and emphasizes aesthetics and functionality with new materials, new technologies and new ideas. It is one of the most popular typical home styles at present

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows - narrow side sliding doors turn complexity into simplicity, pursue simplicity to the extreme, and their appearance presents pure geometric beauty and comfort, which makes a new interpretation of the modern simple style

simple design, big and different

facing the sea, spring flowers bloom

-- Haizi

sea view room, French window, a recliner, half a glass of red wine, watching the blue sea and silver beach, watching the rise and fall of the tide. This incomparably beautiful artistic conception is the pursuit of many people

how can a sea view room enjoying the beautiful scenery of the seashore be without Xinhaoxuan doors and windows - narrow side sliding doors? The narrow side flush shape design greatly reduces the proportion of profiles in the field of vision, making the face window design enter the "big screen era", with better panoramic effect, higher lighting rate, giving people a sense of freedom, and recording the floating light and pleasant shadow of "facing the sea, warm spring flowers"

45- narrow side door

28- narrow side door

"it's you who will give me a light window/let me be fearless/blow and blow my pride and indulgence/blow and blow can't destroy my pure garden..." the lyrics of "wild son" describe the narrow side sliding door is perfect

the narrow frame adopts high-purity aluminum profile, which has hard strength, solid structure and is not easy to deform; Standard 4+14a+4 hollow tempered glass, with high anti violence strength, ensures the safety of the room, and can withstand the test of coastal storms

craftsmanship, excellent quality

after a trip to Dubai, I dare to believe that "man will conquer nature"

-- in Dubai, love is expressed in this way: under the quiet sky, we can enjoy the private time of invading nature alone with you. The sky is high and the sky is wide, and following your footsteps has never changed...

miraculous workmanship has not only achieved the wonders of Dubai, but also the extraordinary quality of Xinhaoxuan doors and windows. The narrow side sliding door follows the skilled skills of Xinhaoxuan doors and windows, excavates the spirit of ingenuity, and strives to make every detail more perfect; The humanized design of aluminum guide rail and anti swing wheel makes the pushing and pulling of doors and windows smoother, the closing more stable, and the jumping and clamping of hands are prevented

45- narrow side door

structural diagram

in function, the narrow side sliding door refers to the damping system design, and can be equipped with a buffer. When the door is closed, it will be gently closed to reduce potential safety hazards, and it is also a kind of intimate protection for the door

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows adheres to building an authoritative brand and promoting excellent works. The one-piece handle adopts high-end hardware, and a variety of fashionable colors of word lock and hand lock. It is high-end, beautiful and magnificent. It is an excellent partner for modern home doors and windows

people oriented, quiet and beautiful

I have a house. Behind the wall is New York

-- the spirit of the city

if you love him, send him to New York, because there is heaven. It can be understood why people living in New York like this city, and why they like it but still feel lonely

cities should not only become people's living space, but also shoulder the important task of settling people's hearts. Therefore, in the downtown area, you need a quiet space suitable for solitude

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows - narrow side sliding doors are equipped with double-sided sealant strips to effectively prevent outdoor dust from entering the room, which is also more sealed, more noise reduction and quieter

the door leaf adopts 45 degree angle splicing process, with zero clearance and remarkable sound insulation and waterproof performance; Automobile grade double-layer hollow tempered glass has excellent sound insulation treatment. Even if there is a lot of noise outside, you can still enjoy a quiet atmosphere indoors

Xinhaoxuan doors and windows - narrow side sliding doors, simplify and return to the original heart. The minimalist style is further close to the aesthetic and experience needs of the younger generation. Let daily life shine like music penetrating into your heart

Xinhaoxuan ・ our quiet doors and windows are customized with "sound" and serve every family with ingenuity




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