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The restaurant is very important for home decoration. Every new year and festival, it will present the most lively scene in the home. Of course, as a vital part of the dinner table, are old tablecloths still used on your table? Are you still struggling to find the right style? Next, let's enjoy the following restaurant decoration renderings with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network, and see the small temperament brought by the table cloth

bright red curtains, purple dining chairs, and rotating ceiling lights, in such a dazzling environment, you might as well choose plain tablecloths to match. The translucent tablecloth hangs down from both ends of the dining table, and there is a gradual change between white and purple. With the hand show pattern, it is not inferior to many colorful decorations. The texture of cotton yarn makes this tablecloth extremely easy to clean. With purple chairs on both sides, the whole space is filled with a hazy sense of mystery, becoming more noble and elegant

the restaurant background wall with light gray style, and the wooden floor also presents light gray color. With the log colored dining table, does it feel a little dead? But the host is very thoughtful. After matching the table flag with white background and orange pattern in such a monotonous space, the whole table seems to be alive and full of vitality. Compared with tablecloths, table flags are much smaller in both area and usage. If you don't like the style of tablecloth surrounding the whole table, don't miss the table flag

in the simple restaurant design, a colorful striped tablecloth is added to instantly enhance the fashion sense of the space. In many styles, stripes have always played a role in improving the color of space and increasing the visual level. This striped tablecloth is no exception, red, yellow, blue and green mixed with white, making this tablecloth particularly refreshing. White dining tables are good with tablecloths of any color, including solid colors, stripes and patterns. A bunch of compact flowers are placed on it, which is dazzling





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