Wuhan residents are forced to decorate their house

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"Fake cement has now established its own sales channel, that is, through shashiba, it directly enters the community home decoration from the fake factory, which is worrying." Yesterday, the reporter followed Wuhan industry and commerce to investigate and deal with fake cement. Almost 90% of fake cement was forced into "residents' homes"

the reporter followed the Wuhan industry and Commerce and Huaxin Cement crackdown group to Shanshui Huating community located in the East Lake New Technology Development Zone. In the Huaqiang Building materials store next to it, 125 packages of "Huaxin Cement" were counterfeit and were seized on the spot. A resident of the community said that his house had just been decorated, and he could only buy Cement from shashiba at the door of the community. He took the used cement bag and found it was fake

Mr. Liu, an expert on anti counterfeiting of Huaxin Cement, said that in the past two years, the relevant parties have strictly controlled the construction site, and the fake cement dare not enter the large construction site again. Instead, they specialize in the residential community market, and have established a direct sales channel through shashiba. The loaded fake cement is directly distributed to each community at night, bypassing market supervision and harming families in the name of owner decoration

according to statistics, the annual market demand for home improvement cement in Wuhan is about 200000 tons, of which 20000 tons are fake brand cement, which flows into the decoration of residential areas and the construction of civilian houses in urban villages

the reporter visited huatengyuan, Fitch international city, Tingtao Guanhai community, etc. many residents complained that many sand and stone bullies did not allow regular cement to enter the door, and they could only buy it from them. After using it, they knew it was a parallel product

relevant experts from the Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision said that fake cement was mixed with a large number of poor quality fly ash and industrial and civil waste residues, which violated national standards and seriously affected the quality of the project. When used in home decoration, it will cause wall tiles and ceilings to fall off, wall skins to "dust" and "sand", floor tiles to "arch and crack", ceilings to fall off, and even lead to the problem of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants exceeding the standard

Wuhan industry and Commerce said that it would recommend the public security, quality supervision and other departments to jointly enforce the law and crack down on shashiba, so as to make the decoration quality more assured




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