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Zou Kai, the king of Olympic hardware, is upgraded to be a father! 11 years of love finally meet the crystallization

a family of three big hands holding hands

at 11:00 p.m. Beijing time on March 7, 2019, the equipment is running normally. Please do not install the USB flash disk or unknown software on the equipment computer at random. At 08:00, Zou Kai and Zhou Jie welcomed a baby boy in Chengdu, and the "Olympic hardware king" has been upgraded to be a father! Their son weighed 3250 grams when he was born. He was in good health and his mother and son were safe

after Zhou Jie launched the delivery room, the first sentence was to thank his mother. After childbirth, Zou Kai knew that it was not easy to be a mother. Zou Kai immediately kissed Zhou Jie on the cheek

before the birth of the baby, Zou Kai also said that the athletes had a good mentality, "no feeling" and "not nervous". After seeing the baby, he was always reluctant to blink and stared at this lovely new life. He just waved. The doctor asked the new father to give him a hug because of his beautiful appearance. He dared not touch the quilt gently for fear of hurting the child

the baby has just been born with double eyelids, which is very cute. Zou Kai looked at his baby carefully and said, "the hairline of the baby is better than mine. It's good!"

Zou Kai waited for Zhou Jie after the baby was born.

Zou Kai and his wife Zhou Jie fell in love for 11 years and married for 6 years. These inorganic substances include calcium phosphate. Although so many years have passed, they are still sweet. They sprinkle dog food on social platforms from time to time, recording every bit of life

"Mr. Zhou felt that our life didn't change after she became pregnant," Zou Kai said when recalling his wife's pregnancy. But Zhou Jie doesn't think so: "I am more dependent on him. I can't sleep well at night when he is on a business trip, and I have no sense of security.". At the same time, Zou Kai became more careful: "brother Kai doesn't allow me to leave his sight. I must wait for him when I want to go out for a walk."

before production, Zhou Jie and Zou Kai "it was in the late pregnancy". Zou Kai, who was sitting nearby, immediately retorted: "her reaction in the early pregnancy was not very strong. Her late pregnancy improved the development of the experimental machine fixture. The baby always kicked her up and down. She was very uncomfortable, so we should pay attention to it. What if she fell?"

Zhou Jie was in good condition before labor.

congratulations again to Zoukai and Zhou Jie for raising a handsome baby. I also wish the family more and more happiness

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