ZTE held a smart home Strategy Conference in Beiji

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ZTE held a smart home Strategy Conference in Beijing on September 22, ZTE held a smart home Strategy Conference in Beijing with the theme of smart life and smart future, officially released the overall strategy of smart home based on single products, openness and integration, built the broadest smart home ecosystem, and deeply shared ZTE's advantageous resources in technology, products, brands, channels, smart cities and other fields, Promote the implementation and popularization of smart home products and services

this is the first time ZTE has clearly put forward the smart home strategy since it set foot in the smart home field in 2014. It is also one of the few industrial chain integrations based on real products and solutions. Zhou Jun, leader of the three major domestic operator groups and provinces, Secretary General of China smart home industry alliance, caijinjiang, Secretary General of Shenzhen Smart Home Association, CHENFENG, CEO of Boyun IOT, suzhiyong, chairman of kaidishi, and many other industry chain leaders attended the press conference to jointly open a new chapter of smart home industry cooperation

wangxiyu, deputy CTO of ZTE, said at the press conference that in August 2016, ZTE officially released the m-ict2.0 white paper, which established the company's five strategic directions for the future: virtual virtualization, open openness, intelligent intelligence, cloud cloudification and IOT Internet of everything (generally summarized as voice). In the direction of interconnection of all things, ZTE will focus on the layout of two levels, three horizontal and four vertical. Liangping focuses on building two supporting platforms, the ecosystem and capital. The three horizons are laid out at the three levels of terminal, network and IOE PAAS. The four horizons are focused on the four vertical fields of smart city, smart home, industrial interconnection and car service. So far, smart home has officially risen to the key strategic direction of ZTE

Tian Bo, chief operating officer of ZTE smart home, said that if the experiments in the smart home field can not be carried out continuously, there are three major pain points: poor single product experience, lack of interoperability standards and difficult service implementation. In this regard, ZTE has made clear the single product, open and integrated smart home strategy

single product: focusing on product experience and the keynote of incremental innovation, the company focuses on creating three single products: router, camera and smart door lock, which are directly oriented to end users and in-depth operation

Openness: Based on the accumulated user and industry influence of individual products, attract developers and ecological chain partners, jointly build a smart home ecosystem, form a complete overall solution, and serve operators, real estate and other partners

integration: cultivate more potential eco chain partners through investment incubation. So as to complete the single product to open, open to integration, and then to the closed loop of the single product

at the same time, ZTE will promote the implementation of smart home products and services through three directions: operators, retail channels and industrial channels, and drive the sound development of the whole smart home industry

Tian Bo also pointed out that ZTE's market goal is to ensure the quality of mass-produced products for 0 years by such quantification as 202, integrate and incubate more than 10 new smart home items, and the number of users has exceeded 10 million. The overall value of the new plunger should be redone to reach 10billion. At the same time, it has made clear its overall positioning and vision to become a smart home solution integrator and a leading service provider

ZTE immediately released two new strategic smart door locks and smart IOT routers, plus smart cameras that have been in deep operation for two years. So far, ZTE's three strategic products cover cloud platforms, client apps, smart gates and a variety of smart terminals, and is currently one of the industry's leading end-to-end solution providers

however, to fully popularize smart life, it is necessary to integrate upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises such as chip manufacturers, module manufacturers, system manufacturers, terminal manufacturers and various service providers. Smart home still has a long way to go. At the press conference on the same day, ZTE invited industry bigwigs to hold a round table forum around the landing of liujiayi, Secretary of the provincial Party committee of smart home, to discuss the future direction of smart home products and the importance of product experience for creating an open ecosystem, so as to jointly promote the extensive cooperation and rapid development of the smart home industry

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