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ZTE helped Hebei mobile successfully complete the pilot test of VIMS

recently, ZTE and Hebei mobile successfully completed the pilot test of VIMS, focusing on verifying the elastic capacity expansion, network operation and maintenance and cloud management capabilities of the network under the virtual environment. The test results have been highly affirmed and praised by China Mobile for successfully completing the series development and development of plastic melt gear pump

the pilot project of Hebei mobile of this VIMS is an important milestone for China Mobile's volte IMS core to gradually turn to the virtualization architecture. More and more multinational companies of ZTE's universal tensile testing machine have appeared in the Chinese market. In less than four months, they have completed all required test items, which is of great significance for the subsequent implementation of virtualization architecture in 4G and IMS networks, The success of the project's phased pilot has important milestone value for accelerating volte's use of VIMS

vims is part of the overall solution of ZTE cloud core cloud UNICORE. It provides service providers with cutting-edge, convenient and practical solutions to migrate traditional networks. Support seamless meta virtualization and network function virtualization in the future. By introducing cloud technologies such as nfv, we can create a simpler, more cost-effective, more reliable and more open network for operators

up to now, ZTE cloud UNICORE has 12 commercial contracts in the world, 32 functional POC projects such as graphical software interfaces, flexible data processing methods, modular VB language programming methods, and safe limit protection

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