Zoris won ecovadis sustainability assessment gold

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Solis won the ecovadis sustainability assessment gold medal certification

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Wilmington, Delaware, USA – Solis won the ecovadis gold medal certification for its corporate social (CSR) performance. Ecovadis is a collaborative platform that provides sustainability performance certification for global supply chains. Solis ranks in the top 5% of the chemical industry category assessed by ecovadis

"adhering to people-oriented and focusing on social environment must be the common feeling of many instrument users in China. The concept of sustainable development of environmental performance and results has always been the magic weapon for our successful operation; it urges us to do our best to meet the sustainable development goals of customers and help them break through the status quo after the adjustment of his Jinan experimental machine." Dr. Daniel grell, senior vice president of environment, health and safety and product supervision and quality, said. "Participating in the ecovadis assessment helps us to have an in-depth understanding of our CSR performance and understand our position in the chemical industry. More and more customers begin to pay attention to our social and environmental performance, and the ecovadis assessment results provide an objective and fair score for our CSR performance, which strongly confirms our commitment to customers."

ecovadis is a collaborative platform that provides sustainability performance certification for global supply chains. Ecovadis adopts an innovative CSR assessment method based on international CSR standards such as the global reporting initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000, covering 198 procurement categories, 155 countries and 21 CSR indicators, which can be divided into four themes: environment, labor and human rights, business ethics and sustainable procurement

about Solis

Solis is the world's leading manufacturer of special chemicals, providing solutions for water intensive industries such as pulping, papermaking, oil and gas, petroleum refining, chemical process, mining, biological refining, electric power and municipal construction. Solice's product portfolio includes a range of process, functional and water treatment chemicals, as well as sophisticated monitoring systems that can be used to improve operational efficiency, improve product quality, protect equipment assets, and reduce environmental impact. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, the company focuses on strategic layout around the world. It has 40 production bases in 120 countries on five continents and a team of 5200 professionals

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