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On July 4, according to the unified deployment of flood control and disaster relief by the provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, Zoomlion quickly assembled 127 joint rescue and relief teams composed of Zoomlion urban comprehensive emergency rescue team, reserve company and militia company in the high tech Zone, And 87 large-scale equipment were urgently dispatched to Ningxiang for disaster relief overnight. Up to now, the Zoomlion rescue and relief team has been fighting for nearly 24 hours. The rescue team has cleaned up several local main roads and streets in Ningxiang to ensure the cleanness of local urban roads. At present, the disaster relief work is in an orderly and active way

when we are in danger, we can see the wisdom and courage. As the son of Hunan Province, Zoomlion has a firm belief, overcome all difficulties, and join the hard battle of flood control and disaster relief with all its strength

Zoomlion rescue and relief team arrived in Ningxiang to accept the rescue work arrangement

according to the statistics of relevant departments, the average rainfall in Hunan Province broke the historical extreme in June this year, exceeding 1998. As of July 4, this round of heavy rainfall has caused more than 1145 deaths in 1621 towns and townships in 118 counties and cities in Hunan. These two problems are particularly important 90000 people were affected and the direct economic loss was 29.47 billion yuan. Ningxiang, a low-lying town, was seriously injured by floods, and some urban areas and streets were flooded

at the same time, Ningxiang, which has experienced floods, is also facing severe environmental pressure: three feet of sludge is covered on the road, and the flood of domestic and construction waste remains on the street corners... The "prevention of major epidemics after major disasters" has become the key measure after the disaster. It is understood that Zoomlion has sent a total of 21 cranes, 8 excavators and 87 equipment such as sprinkler, sweeper and garbage transfer vehicle. Two groups of members of the emergency relief company have arrived in Ningxiang one after another to carry out rescue and clean the city overnight, striving to return the citizens to a clean and comfortable home as soon as possible

Zoomlion rescue equipment arrived in Ningxiang in an orderly manner to carry out rescue work

"from working in the workshop for 8 hours in the day to receiving the battle order after work, many team members have been fighting at the front line without hesitation under the high-intensity physical work." Said Li Da, the rescue and relief team leader of Zoomlion

since 8 p.m. on the 4th, Zoomlion rescue and relief team has preliminarily completed the cleaning of streets and roads in Ningxiang. At more than 2 a.m., after several sweeps, the team members have basically cleaned up the dirt and sludge on the street, and the road finally shows its true colors. At about 3 a.m., after the completion of the first stage of cleaning, some residual construction and domestic garbage was still piled up on both sides of the street. The Zoomlion rescue and relief team quickly gathered to reassign tasks, coordinated and orderly, and cleaned and transported garbage all night. A citizen praised and said: "thanks to Zoomlion, they have solved the problem of road cleaning and restored our lives to normal."

in the early morning of July 5, Zoomlion sent three logistics support vehicles full of materials to shuttle through the streets and alleys of Ningxiang. The pre time effective process conditions should be recorded in the experimental report to provide support to the Chinese victims. Other disaster relief vehicles rushed through all directions of Ningxiang street and rushed to the rescue

in recent years, Zoomlion has successively participated in the earthquake rescue work in Wenchuan, Yushu, Ya'an, etc., and also participated in the drought relief work in Hunan in 2013 and Taojiang in 2016. The flood is merciless and the love is boundless. Zoomlion has once again interpreted the love and righteousness with practical actions. In addition to ensuring a high yield, it has vowed to work together with the people in its hometown to win the all-round victory in this tough battle against flood and disaster

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