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Zoom launched zoom phone appliances to support the mixed workforce

zoom video communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) today announced the launch of zoom phone appliances, a new hardware optimized for the mixed workforce. It is suitable for home office to crowded shared space and is an ideal choice for cross industry use cases. Zoom phone appliances perfectly integrates zoom technology with poly and yealink hardware. In an integrated multi-functional desktop call solution, zoom phone appliances provides video and audio functions and touch screen for high-definition video conferencing, calls and interactive whiteboards

Elka popova, vice president of Internet research at frost Sullivan, said: the powerful cloud product zoom phone marks zoom's agile pace of innovation and global expansion. Zoom phone has always been a subversive alternative to traditional solutions. This new device plan enables enterprises to use dedicated devices that are easy to purchase, deploy and manage to realize video workspace and further enhance their value proposition

graeme Geddes, head of zoom phone and zoom rooms, said: the traditional workplace is constantly evolving and adapting, and our goal is to let employees complete more work by weakening the boundary between voice and video. The new zoom phone appliance plans to effectively simplify communication, eliminate friction and provide a powerful communication experience by using a series of hardware specially created by poly and yealink for zoom phone

No scratching hands

zoom phone simplifies the licensing, installation, use and management process, which will benefit both end users and it departments. Other highlights of zoom phone include:

no oil leakage and other phenomena, a fully functional desktop, and powerful zoom functions. Zoom phone appliances is always on, ready for instant messaging and collaboration. Easily start temporary meetings or scheduled meetings, make and receive calls, view voice mail, and conduct virtual collaboration through content sharing and annotation

centralized management through the zoom admin portal: simplified and scalable centralized management, and remote configuration and update

no extra license required: log in to the zoom phone with your zoom account to start the office experience

provide personalized services for users: with users' calendar, status Conference settings and synchronization, achieving integrated video priority unified communication experience

zero touch configuration, simplifying entry: minimizing the need for it support through simplified settings and user experience

touch screen and interactive whiteboard: collaborating with colleagues through interactive whiteboards that can be easily exported and shared

zoom authentication: zoom phone appliances is introducing a new authentication hardware category, Make sure these devices are designed for the best zoom phone and conference experience. With the passage of time, more devices will be added to this category.

zo1 generally needs to revise the coefficient of the pneumatic sensor once a year. The first category of OM phone appliances adopts the innovative solutions of zoom's two hardware partners (poly and yealink), and other partners will follow up soon

poly CCX 600 desk phone and CCX 700 desk phone are equipped with integrated cameras

john Lamarque, vice president and general manager of poly voice collaboration, said: we are glad to take the lead in integrating the zoom native experience into our poly CCX series to create zoom phone appliances. This places the zoom platform we are widely familiar with and love in the front and center of the device touch screen, providing a powerful immersive experience

it also includes drug controlled release materials and bone fixation materials with high technical content and high added value. We are pleased to launch a new, reliable and cutting-edge vp59 video, which is a zoom phone appliance, said Alvin Liao, vice president of product of yealink. The touch screen of vp59 video will be supported by zoom's industry-leading video communication platform, providing customers with a user-friendly interface and intuitive experience

zoom phone appliances are available through the zoom hardware as a service program and authorized resellers of poly and yealink. To learn more about zoom phone appliances, visit the zoom phone appliances site and read our blog

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