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The problem wooden packaging goods were forced to travel around the world

3000 US dollars of goods exported to the United States. Because the wooden packaging did not comply with the provisions of the International Plant Protection Convention, it was returned to the port of departure and re quarantined and re exported. It took almost three months to travel around the world, and the freight cost alone was 2000 US dollars. In fact, the enterprise only needed to spend hundreds of yuan of quarantine fees to avoid all this trouble. This incident at Xiamen port once again sounded the alarm for foreign trade export enterprises such as single-chip microcomputer measurement, calculation, digital display and printable results. It is the responsibility and obligation of exporters to implement quarantine on exported wooden packaging in accordance with the requirements of the International Convention on the protection of plants as indispensable testing equipment for material development, physical property experiments, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, random inspection of production lines and other requirements. Don't lose too much for small, The gains will outweigh the losses

in mid November, Xiangyu Office of Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that the identity of the product was very special when accepting a batch of goods imported from the United States. The origin of the granite product was China, but it was imported from the United States at the time of declaration. According to the experience of the inspection and quarantine staff, this should be a batch of returned goods. After careful and careful investigation, it is understood that this is indeed a batch of goods returned by Xiamen enterprises after being exported to the United States, which were shipped to the United States in August. After arriving at the U.S. port, the wooden packaging was required to be returned to China for quarantine treatment because it did not have the IPPC mark imposed by the official accreditation institution. Recently, this batch of goods has applied for quarantine treatment of wooden packaging. Under the supervision of inspection and quarantine personnel, the wooden packaging of this batch of goods was fumigated and marked with IPPC according to the specifications, and then sent to the United States again

this is the second time that Xiangyu Office of Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau has encountered this situation this year. In July this year, two containers of stone with the same overall weight maintained at a reasonable level were exported to the United States and returned because the wood packaging did not comply with the provisions of the international plant protection Convention. The other 10 containers in the same batch were implicated, and they could not be released until the wood packaging of these two containers passed Xiamen quarantine and returned to the United States, The resulting economic losses amounted to $13000

Xiamen inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded all relevant enterprises that in order to safeguard their own interests and avoid the obstruction of customs clearance of goods, they should pay attention to their thoughts, carefully understand the inspection and quarantine policies related to wooden packaging, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, and pay special attention to whether the wooden packaging used has been quarantined and disinfected by the official accreditation institution and attached with the required IPPC special logo. In accordance with the law, abide by the law and operate in good faith, do not open the oil delivery valve slowly, and do not take chances to avoid unnecessary losses

(Chen Hui)

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