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Problems existing in China's waste paper recycling industry

waste paper recycling is small, scattered, miscellaneous, hidden, and the flow of resources is unknown

at present, China's waste paper recycling work is still in the stage of small-scale and low-level economic activities spontaneous by the people. The waste paper recycling industry in China is still a labor-intensive industry, mainly relying on the individual and small collective waste collection for sporadic acquisition and sales, and pure scrap is driven by recycling profits; There is a lack of large-scale waste paper acquisition enterprise groups, and there is also a lack of participation and support in publicity, organization and technical funds

according to the data of the national statistical department, at the beginning of the tenth five year plan, there were more than 5000 waste material recycling enterprises, 160000 recycling points, more than 3000 recycling and processing plants, and more than 1.4 million employees. However, most of them have the characteristics of small scale and covert operation, and have not been officially registered. This situation is not only difficult to grasp the situation of domestic fiber resources, but also may lead to problems such as low efficiency of resource utilization and large consumption

to sum up, because the initial state of waste paper recycling and rough processing is difficult to describe, a large number of recycled waste paper has not entered the statistical channel, so the statistical data of waste paper recycling may be distorted; Many scholars believe that the actual waste paper recovery rate in China is higher than the statistical value. However, based on this inference alone, it is believed that the development of waste paper recycling in China is good, which is also blindly optimistic. Waste paper recycling that does not enter the statistical caliber is also irregular and inefficient waste paper recycling

the waste paper recycling procedure is not standardized, the ingredients are mixed, and the classification and classification are lack of standards

at present, China's waste paper classification is only divided into white waste paper, books and magazines waste paper, old paper, carton and paperboard waste paper, bag paper waste paper and kraft paper waste, and into the next six categories of boundary paper and mixed waste paper. The classification situation is also different across the country. Because there is no unified standard across the country, the efficiency of scattered recycling end is not high, In the process of rough treatment, inferior products may be replaced by good ones, and water may be mixed, which brings great obstacles to the recycling process and causes the loss and waste of resources; It is more likely to lead to the lack of paper in the paper type of papermaking raw materials in China, and thus forced to use wood pulp or foreign waste pulp

at the same time, paper using units, recycling enterprises and paper-making enterprises have not yet formed, which are measured by experimental equipment; The whole industrial chain, coupled with the lack of supervision and management, although our sarlink automotive TPE composite material series has always been regarded as a servo electromechanical management mechanism above the thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) recycling system, China's waste paper recycling industry needs to be further standardized

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