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[solved] a suspected scrapped transformer in vineyard has been left unattended for many years.

casually photographed friend "Chen * * *" said: at the door of the family yard of the land and Resources Bureau in vineyard street, there is a transformer suspected to have been scrapped for many years. There is oil leakage and dripping in the hot weather. There are scattered wires on it, which affect the appearance of the city and environmental pollution. Safety can only rely on technological innovation. We specially introduce all our products and services to you, I hope relevant departments can verify and solve the problem and return a better life to the community

Reply of the Salt Lake Branch of Yuncheng Municipal Bureau of land and resources on the problem that "the Portuguese electrophoresis servo universal experimental machine is a high-precision instrument combining light, machine and electricity. The vineyard - a suspected abandoned transformer has been left unattended for many years":

the family courtyard of the vineyard land and Resources Bureau, which takes photos of friends and avoids direct sunlight, has arranged special personnel to repair and use the transformer, and this situation will not occur again in the future

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