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85 tons of problematic putty powder have been used on the construction site of affordable housing in Danzhou, Hainan Province

85 tons of problematic putty powder have been used on the construction site of affordable housing in Danzhou, Hainan Province

August 16, 2011

[China paint information] Wenchang Wencheng Baodan has attached great importance to the recent incident of "slimming steel bars" in the barrier housing project of general manufacturers, and launched a special inspection on the use of building materials in affordable housing projects across the province. Recently, an informer posted a post that the putty powder used in the external wall swing of affordable housing in Yixin Garden community, the largest affordable housing community in Hainan Province and the key project of affordable housing in Danzhou City, may have quality problems. The survey found that the

model used in Yixin Garden community is called "overflow" × The origin of "Xing" brand putty powder is Nanning, Guangxi, and the dealer who provided this batch of putty powder has not been registered, but it is actually a coating company that has not been officially established. At present, 92 tons of putty powder are purchased at the construction site, and the remaining 7 tons have been suspended-

informant: putty powder supplier is not qualified

it is understood that Danzhou plastic extrusion to meet the energy-saving needs of users to the greatest extent. The auxiliary equipment of the unit mainly includes paying off device, straightening device, preheating device, cooling device, traction device, meter counter. "Yixinhuayuan community" plans to build 5052 sets of affordable housing (4044 sets of affordable housing, 1008 sets of low rent housing), with a total construction area of 392167.4 square meters, With a total planned investment of 880 million yuan, it is currently the largest affordable housing project in Hainan Province. The bidding owner (Party A) is Danzhou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, the bid winning construction unit (Party B) is Jiangsu Yancheng Second Construction Group Co., Ltd., and the supervision unit is Hainan Juncheng Construction Supervision Co., Ltd

according to the informant, after the main body of "Yixin Garden community" was closed, the construction unit used putty powder produced by two manufacturers, one from Henan and the other from Guangxi, when it lashed out the exterior wall of affordable housing. "As far as I know, the dealer who provided this batch of Guangxi putty powder sent the product to the construction site in the name of 'company' without registering with the Department of industry and commerce, and the supervision unit on the construction site used the product only according to a quality inspection report provided by the agent, without checking the quality of the agent. The product provided by such a qualified agent has to be worried. Once the product has quality problems, I'm afraid it will be very dangerous It's hard to find a party. " The informant said

supervisor and construction unit: putty powder is a qualified product

according to the situation reported by the informant, the relevant person in charge of the construction unit of "Yixin Garden community" said that after the main body of "Yixin Garden community" was capped, putty powder from two manufacturers was indeed used for external wall swing, and then it was replaced with putty powder produced by Nanning, Guangxi. "The putty powder produced by the two manufacturers has provided product certificates and inspection reports, and meets national standards. The reason why we want to replace it is that the putty powder produced by Henan manufacturer was reported to have itchy skin during use, so it was immediately stopped." Subsequently, the person in charge provided the inspection reports of putty powder produced by two manufacturers, which showed that they were all qualified products. It is noted that "overflow" is being used at the construction site × On the inspection report of "Xing" brand paint, the manufacturer is Hanya company

director Zhang of the materials department of the supervision unit explained that the putty powder they use now is provided by a company called Hanya, "this company provided us with the power of attorney of the manufacturer, which is an agent in Hainan. At the same time, it also provided us with the qualified test report. As long as the product is OK, we will use it." Minister Zhang said that according to relevant regulations, there was no mandatory re inspection report

provider: no factory has been built and no business license has been obtained.

at noon on August 15, I interviewed Yu Zhangde, the head of Hanya company

Yu Zhangde explained that in July this year, he won the "overflow Award" of Nanning, Guangxi × The authorization of "Star" paint allows it to distribute this brand of putty and paint in Hainan, and can use "overflow" × Star trademark produces putty by itself. At present, Hanya company is choosing a plant site and preparing to build a plant to produce "overflow" × "Star" brand putty, coating, industrial and commercial business license and tax registration are all in the process of application

Yu Zhangde said that the "inspection report of building exterior wall putty" he provided to the construction unit was actually "overflow" of Hainan Zhongke engineering inspection center × According to the inspection report issued by "Xing" brand putty, the products he provided are absolutely no problem

"I'm just a salesman." Yu Zhangde said that since Hanya company has not been officially established, the production of the inspection products in the inspection report on building exterior wall putty should be Nanning overflow × Star water-based putty coating factory, without signing its own company name

according to the staff of Hainan Zhongke Engineering Testing Center, the putty powder submitted for inspection at that time was tested by the company entrusted by the manufacturer, and the test results showed that it met the national requirements. The staff member said that the inspection report provided by the company can only indicate that the product quality is qualified, and the inspection center can only be responsible for the products submitted for inspection. Once there is a problem on the site, the inspection center cannot be responsible

vice mayor of Danzhou City: putty powder is suspended and the purchase of putty powder is stopped.

in the afternoon of August 15, I came to "Yixin Garden community" in Danzhou City. When the local government learned of this matter, it immediately held a meeting to inform it. It is learned that at present, the "Yixin Garden community" has purchased 92 tons of putty powder from this "quasi agent", and the external walls of 10 buildings have been blasted, and the remaining nearly 7 tons of putty powder have been suspended

Hu Dezhi, vice mayor of Danzhou City, said at the briefing that Danzhou City, Hainan Province, is one of the 28 cities determined by the state to use housing provident fund loans to support the pilot construction of affordable housing. From the central to local, from the provincial Party committee to the municipal Party committee, it has always attached great importance to the quality and safety of affordable housing. At present, what kind of coating brand to choose for affordable housing is pending, and the whole coating is in the stage of further expansion and experiment

"now there are such things, which means that there are problems in the construction management, and there are still careless places in the field management. Once there are quality problems, it is difficult for the supplier to undertake the tensile testing machine of thermal insulation materials, which integrates our company's advanced technology with the design of accessories." Hu Dezhi said that in the next step, we will increase contact with manufacturers. If there are problems, we will cooperate with manufacturers to rectify them. At the same time, we will immediately stop purchasing putty powder provided by Hanya company, a "quasi agent", and cannot continue to use it. At the same time, it will further investigate this incident and investigate the relevant persons

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