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[award winning activity] very close contact - find Siemens contactors around you

among Siemens' rich products, contactor products are indeed only a small role, but they are indispensable in system solutions in the field of industrial control. In fact, Siemens still plays a leading role in the design and manufacturing of contactors

In 1885, Siemens introduced the first contactor. In the following 100 years, from oil immersed contactors, silver contact AC contactors, general-purpose contactors to electronic control, vacuum switches, integrated diagnostic functions, integrated communication functions, new products and new functions have come one after another. Siemens has continuously promoted the development of contactor technology

share two exciting moments:

in 2010, Siemens' 100000000 contactors were officially offline, 100 million

in 2011, Sirius (domestic) contactor, adhering to Siemens' consistent pursuit of high quality, was officially launched with its advanced design, reliable production and quality control

today, Siemens Sirius (domestic) contactors are widely used for their high contact reliability, long service life in extreme environments, economic price and low maintenance cost. Whether used as an independent device, starting combination, or installed in the low-voltage switchgear, Sirius (domestic) contactor can easily be competent

there are so many advantages, please come and find them! I believe that as a professional, you will easily find Siemens Sirius (domestic) contactors around you. You only need to take two or three pictures of Meitu, tell a story of your close contact, and submit it according to the following requirements, you can participate in this activity to find Siemens contactors around you, plus the central bank's RRR reduction, and win rich prizes

to further contact Sirius (domestic) contactors, please click here to understand the rules of the activity:

time of the activity: June 24 - August 7, 2015

1. Participating products: Siemens Sirius (domestic) contactors

2. Form of expression: photo + text

1. Two or more photos, original, clear, no PS, camera. The content includes the part, the whole electric cabinet and the actual scene of the site. There is a close-up of the contactor, and the Siemens logo can be clearly seen

2. The text introduction mainly refers to the application cases, including your industry and specific applications, use experience and feelings, such as what benefits and differences this contactor brings to you. It is best to highlight the main advantages of Sirius contactor:

① systematic solution

hb:ha+695 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac

② safe and reliable work

③ compact and convenient assembly, convenient and simple design

the content is required to be true and specific, the text is fluent, readable, and the story is better. The number of words is a lot. It collides with the low-speed molecules on the low-temperature side to transmit energy of 140 words

III. submission method: find the Siemens contactor area next to you in the industrial control forum and post

IV. award setting:

1. Post encouragement

first prize 1: ipad Mini

second prize 2: Xiaomi Hongmi A2

third prize 3: Jiuyang soymilk machine

Best popularity award 2: Philips razor

2. Participation encouragement

five participants (excluding replies) who post every day are randomly selected, with a reward of 20 yuan, and each person has only one chance to win

for those posts that participate in the reply, 10 lucky prizes will be selected from all the respondents of the six award-winning posts, with a reward call fee of 30 yuan each

v. selection mechanism

first, second and third prizes: the event organizer will conduct a comprehensive selection according to the image quality, story quality, friend response and other factors

Popularity Award: according to the number of post replies (excluding the number of replies of the landlord) + the number of likes of the main post (a like is equivalent to 0.5 replies, excluding the number of likes of the landlord), the top three winners in the total

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