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Zhang Mou, a 37 year old man from Wuxiang, was convicted of selling fake goods by privately buying fake trademarks, quality certificates, environmental assessment certificates and packaging, producing and selling fake three-dimensional white latex products, and was sent to court by the procuratorial organ. Recently, Zhang was sentenced to three years' imprisonment, suspended for three years, and fined 100000 yuan by the Jiancaoping District Court of Taiyuan for the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks

Sanwei graphic trademark is a registered trademark of Shanxi sanwei group Co., Ltd. and has been registered in the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the people's Republic of China since March, 1992. The registered trademark is valid until March 29, 2012. From March 2003 to June 2006, Zhang used the trademark, certificate of conformity, environmental assessment certificate and packaging of the fake Shanxi sanwei group Sanwei white emulsion purchased privately to produce and sell fake Sanwei white emulsion products. On May 6, 2006, the paint factory plant operated by Mr. Zhang was seized by Taiyuan Administration for Industry and commerce. On June 1st, 2006, Jiancaoping branch of Taiyuan Administration for Industry and Commerce once again seized some fake 3d white latex and packaging materials in a small courtyard rented by Zhang. According to the audit, the amount of illegal business of Zhang's fake three-dimensional trademark was 266700 yuan, and the amount of suspected illegal business was 388400 yuan

court trial (2) electrical connection: insert the plug of the motor source into the corresponding socket Li Hou believes that Zhang violated the provisions of the national trademark management regulations and used the same trademark as his registered trademark on the same commodity without the permission of the owner of the registered trademark. His illegal business amount reached the following. Let me introduce in detail that a simple beam impact solid door lock adopts the operating procedures and functional characteristics of a polyurethane/carbon fiber composite inspection machine of 266700 yuan, and his behavior has constituted the crime of counterfeiting a registered trademark, And the circumstances are particularly serious. Zhang voluntarily surrendered after committing a crime and was able to truthfully confess the facts of his crime. He surrendered himself and could be given a lighter punishment when he was fined; He had a good attitude of pleading guilty and could be given a lighter punishment as appropriate. His infringing products should be confiscated, so the above judgment was made. Guo Jing serves Zhao Xiaoyan well for enterprise transformation and upgrading

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