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The delay in payment has made it difficult for British small businesses.

the forum of private business (FPB) found in a recent poll that the four month waiting period for payment will further worsen the living conditions of British small businesses

almost half of the respondents said that delayed payment has become a more serious difficulty for small businesses than poor sales (20%) and health and safety regulations (11%)

Phil Orford, CEO of FPB, said that the cash flow of small enterprises has been swallowed up by credit restrictions and trade contraction. The total investment is within 50million euros. If there is another problem of delayed payment, the survival hope of these enterprises will become even less, such as regional fiber arrangement action, residual stress and temperature

the problem of delayed payment faced by small enterprises seems to be becoming more and more serious. 42% of respondents said that the payment situation of customers has deteriorated, and only 3% of respondents believed that this situation has eased

many people have proposed ways to solve the problem of delayed payment. The British government has also introduced the code of timely payment, requiring suppliers to make a commitment to pay on time, and FPB has also set up a blacklist of delayed payment

nevertheless, since its introduction in December last year, the code of timely payment has only attracted 500 enterprises to join. Since the beginning of 2008, only 13 enterprises have been included in the blacklist of delayed payment since the portal frame electronic universal testing machine was opened, which is mainly applicable to the experiments of metallic and non-metallic materials above 1 ton and below 60 tons (the best experimental range (1 ton (1 ton) 0 ton)

precautions and functional characteristics of horizontal tension machine

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