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Private printing enterprises in China will face "secondary entrepreneurship"

a considerable number of private printing and packaging enterprises in China's printing and packaging industry are currently facing a turning point. For example, private enterprises represented by large and medium-sized printing and packaging enterprises are discussing the issue of secondary entrepreneurship. Why? Because they have realized that one-sided expansion of the consumption of polyurethane materials for automobiles is in the climbing stage, and strong will not meet their future direction. On the contrary, blindly becoming bigger and stronger and blindly seeking profits are making them move towards foam, which is a large-scale and profitable printing and packaging enterprises. How many of them are more or less engaged in the real estate business, either openly or secretly? How many people are or are going to engage in diversification

the so-called second startup means that the money making mechanism of the first startup has come to an end, and you are only rich now, so you need to start a business again to surpass yourself. But the key question is, if the motivation of the first business is for money, then what exactly does the second business want? At important historical turning points, we always need to stop and look back. Especially those successful enterprises, where is the future? How to go in the future? There is a saying that companies that do not know how to suspend will not know how to really accelerate

this is the strategy for the future development of the enterprise, and then think about boosting and blasting. Therefore, strategy is first of all the establishment of a sense of history: we need to look at today's gains and losses in five to ten years, or even longer. From this, we can surpass the external prosperity, go deep into the internal driving force of the enterprise, and understand what is supporting the sustainability of the enterprise? At the same time of industrial upgrading, technological progress, further opening of the market and raising the threshold of industrial investment, it also provides strategic opportunities for most prepared printing and packaging enterprises. Food and drug packaging enterprises are also facing such strategic opportunities: QS food packaging access system and GMP drug packaging license system will affect the long-term interests of enterprises, and can clearly record the load and deformation curve and external major beneficial changes. Enterprises will survive in the competition and gradually move towards standardization

many bosses of printing and packaging enterprises often lament that it is difficult, or even impossible, for our industry to become a big Mac. This understanding comes from the fact that China's industrialization foundation is not strong enough, the printing industry is relatively scattered in scale, the market lacks truly powerful brands, and the competition is fierce. Small prototypes can be placed on the base and clamped by special fixtures for impact resistance experiments. In essence, it is not that our enterprise is not big, but that our enterprise does not have the strength to expand. It's not that we are short of funds, but that our enterprise has too much internal friction, chaotic management, and low personnel quality and execution, so we can't leave a real brand in the hearts of customers. Therefore, how to really improve the core competitiveness of printing and packaging enterprises, there is only one answer: let our team be strong

the essence of all this lies in one point: enterprises should start from employees' motivation, so as to be sustainable. This is precisely the weakness of Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises are established on the basis of traditional small-scale peasant culture. Without the upgrading from small-scale peasant culture to industrial civilization, there can be no truly powerful enterprises

however, at present, most printing and packaging enterprises, with qualifications, creativity and beautiful ideas, have lost the opportunity of market success because of the poor implementation of the team. We interviewed many such entrepreneurs

why are our staff several times more than a few years ago, but our profits have not increased or even decreased

why did the managers of printing and packaging enterprises arrange their work, explain their intentions, and implement it layer by layer, but keep turning? More than a dozen people can manage it. With hundreds of people and more business, the quality, management and culture will be chaotic

why do all the elders and middle-level managers lie on the credit book and sleep after the company is a little bigger, and they no longer have the spirit of struggle

why is it that an excellent employee is full of fighting spirit at the beginning of coming in, but after a period of time, he becomes extremely mediocre. Is it a human problem or a company problem

there is only one answer: we lack the executive ability of the team and the super team to practice our plans and strategies, and winning the market requires us to know how to execute

many people have wisdom, but only those who know how to implement succeed

the managers of printing and packaging enterprises are facing the process of how to transition from experience management based on market opportunities to strategic management based on customer value. For the entrepreneurs in the printing and packaging industry at a special historical stage, only by leading the team to participate in the implementation training can it be possible to form a real team in the shortest time, which is the key for the printing and packaging enterprises to achieve a comprehensive breakthrough

the main phenomenon of insufficient executive power of Chinese printing and packaging enterprises is that the boss is always busy without time, and the subordinates are always idle without work; Middle level leaders and managers have poor execution and lack of heart, which leads to the boss being very tired; The boss's thinking changes too fast, causing subordinates to suffer in the implementation; After the introduction of the system, it is always difficult to implement, resulting in the deformation of the system; There are often buck passing between departments, and so on

some people of insight have put forward many countermeasures against these problems. There are also some enterprises trying to change in different ways. For example, Beijing Botai (printing and packaging) technology training company, together with Beijing Xien talent company, dispatched the best team trainers and held a team execution training camp according to the characteristics of the industry. Combined with practical problems in enterprise management, on-site interaction: on-site answers, on-site training, which will play a positive role in improving the execution of the team

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