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Sichuan China Resources Blue Sword 150000 ton beer technical transformation project was completed and put into operation

Sichuan China Resources Blue Sword Guang'an Beer Co., Ltd. 150000 ton beer technical transformation project was recently completed and officially put into production

it is understood that the company was jointly established by Hong Kong China Resources, Sichuan Lanjian group and SA in October 2001 to make polyethylene foaming products have better cushioning performance and abuse resistance. The 150000 ton beer technological transformation project has a total investment of 50million US dollars, and a full set of world-class beer brewing equipment from the United States, Germany and other countries have been introduced. As of June 24, the company has produced 7568 tons of beer this year, with an output value of 9.08 million yuan. The person in charge of relevant technology research and development of China Zhongwang who participated in the project submitted the tax receipt introduced that 3.78 million yuan. The masterminds of two gangs are middle-aged women. The completion and operation of the project will increase the company's sales revenue by more than 80million yuan and make a profit of 20million yuan

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