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It is reported that although the demand is expected to continue to be weak, the price of butadiene (BD) in Asia may stop falling due to the reduction and shutdown of some ethylene cracking units in Asia, insiders said on Tuesday. With the reduction of supply, butadiene prices in Asia may bottomed out in June and rebound in July. From the beginning of May to the week of June 1, the spot price of butadiene in Asia has fallen by $600/ton, or 24%, and the price in the week of June 1 was $1, 900/ton CFR Northeast Asia, according to ICIS. In the past seven months, the spot price of butadiene in Asia was like a roller coaster. In November 2011, it fell to US $1550/ton CFR Northeast Asia, and then the protective devices should be solid and reliable. In February 2012, they soared to US $4000/ton CFR Northeast Asia. From March to May this year, because the uncertainty in the global economy this year led to weak demand, the price of butadiene fell again step by step. One trader said that the butadiene price may fall to $1500/ton CFR or less in June, because some downstream synthetic rubber plants have been reduced or closed due to poor market conditions, including Jilin Petrochemical, Huayu rubber, Shenhua chemical and South Korea's Jinhu Petrochemical (kkpc) and other rubber plants have either closed or reduced production

market analysts pointed out that although demand is still weak, the recent shutdown or reduction of several ethylene cracking and butadiene units in Chinese Mainland, Taiwan and South Korea will reduce butadiene supply or stabilize butadiene prices

Taiwan plastic and Petrochemical Company (FPCC) closed its largest 1.3 million T/a naphtha cracking unit in Mailiao on May 31. What is the technical advantage? The downtime is about two weeks. In addition, South Korea yeochunncc (yncc), a major cracking unit operator and BD producer in Asia, plans to reduce its 240000 ton/year butadiene unit load rate to 70% from June 11, and yncc also reduces its naphtha cracking unit operating rate in Lishui to 90%. Yangzi Petrochemical plans to shut down its 650000 ton/year naphtha cracking unit in Nanjing from mid July for a 50 day overhaul

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