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Bringing together the strongest think tanks, SIAF 2018 will create the strongest brain for multi industry applications

the 2018 SIAF Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition will be grandly held from March 4 to 6. Over the years, the exhibition has been deeply rooted in South China and has grown stronger and stronger with the support and trust of industry insiders. As the first industrial automation industry event in South China after the Spring Festival, this exhibition was held together with asiamold Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition again, and more than 850 enterprise exhibitors from 20 countries and regions attended the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 55000 square meters; At the same time, it is expected that more than 65000 professional buyers from home and abroad will also attend the exhibition, which will break the previous records in terms of the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors

open on March 4, enjoy plus

opening day plus courtesy collection strategy:

the power supply must have a good "grounding" device

1 Long press to identify the following exclusive opening day plus courtesy QR code, and successfully complete the pre registration

2. After successful pre registration, the organizer will send a plus courtesy participation qualification confirmation message before the exhibition

3. Come to visit on the opening day of March 4, and you can cash the prize on the spot on the same day with a confirmation message

multiple gifts are delivered randomly on site, with a limited number, first come, first served. Seize the opportunity to receive the first wave of New Year gifts

tips: remember to use the exclusive QR code pre registration of plus courtesy on the opening day to successfully receive the confirmation message

detailed inquiry: Miss Liang ang@

* this activity is only valid on the opening day of March 4, and the organizer has the final right to explain this activity

several heavyweight industry forums appeared in SIAF

dialogue: the invisible champion enterprise series of European industrial automation -- President dialogue: the transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the era of industrial interconnection

Gu Jiandang, President of Phoenix Contact, Liang Liqiang, President of Germany biff, and president of begalay schoveron personally answered:

challenges and opportunities faced by automation enterprises in the era of interconnection

facing the rapid development of Technology (cloud computing, fog computing, edge computing, big data, artificial intelligence, quantum communication,...) In the new era, how to establish a new ecosystem and technology integration for automation enterprises

how automation enterprises upgrade their products in the practice of promoting intelligent manufacturing

in the new era, whether enterprises should carry out the reform of organizational structure and enterprise management, etc

IOT innovative manufacturing made in Japan 2030 future outlook

the Japan electric machinery industry association was specially invited to introduce the development of IOT in Japan. The ISRO Mars Orbiter now located in Bangalore successfully launched a satellite to Mars and made in Japan 2030 future outlook in September last year. Understand the similar concepts of industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 in other countries and regions, and exchange experience

dig deep into core technologies and focus on hot industry applications. The seminar is constantly wonderful every day.

at present, tampering data products affect more than 250 customers.

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learn more exciting activities in the same period and plan your visit reasonably.

asiamold Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition in the same period. The two exhibitions are held together, which will attract more elites in industrial automation and mold industry, Gather to explore industry trends

it can not only avoid the waste of packaging content to the greatest extent

exciting activities in the same period:

3D printing creative Gallery

3D printing industry mold technology application Summit Forum

automotive lightweight and intelligent production solutions Summit Forum

pre register immediately, avoid the peak of on-site queuing, enjoy trilogy courtesy, and participate in the pre exhibition lottery

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